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Lara Magenta: Anagram Tale

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Author Comments

Lara Magenta: Anagram Tale is an adventure game based on anagrams.


* To move Lara, tap on destination point.

* To collect objects, tap or drag them to the inventory area.

* Tapping on an object you see a short description of it.

* Drag any object in the circle to anagram it. Once finding an anagram, the object transforms and you can use it.

* Sometimes you can also match objects.

* An object highlights when dragged on a point where it can be dropped to.

* Solve situations and go on with the adventure.


This game is still in development.

In this version you will find only the tutorial and some levels.

More levels with increasing difficulty will come in the future.


This game uses Game Analytics only for anonymous statistics and for error analysis.

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Hey there, I thought this was an absolutely brilliant idea for a game! I'd've liked harder puzzles, but I'm a total anagram fiend :)
The only trouble I ran into was each time I got to the crane, the game froze. The items were unclickable and Lara wouldn't move at all. I tried restarting the level three times and no dice.
Apart from that, I really quite enjoyed it. A refreshing concept! I can't wait to see more from you!

Hologrape responds:

Thanks for you comment. I will try to find the "crane bug". I hope to fix it soon.

I really hope you put out another version of this game because it seems like fun, and the anagram conceit is very interesting and original. But it's way too buggy. My first attempt froze in the kitchen (I think maybe I clicked on the door while walking to the cabinet, or vice versa, either way the little spiral just appeared and stayed there and I couldn't move). Then on my second attempt, I started getting the "too many objects" when there are no objects in the circle. And then I walked into the bathroom, and no matter how I clicked on the door, it wouldn't let me leave (she just walks over to the door and stands in front of it). So yeah, this needs some more testing and debugging, but the potential is there.

Hologrape responds:

Thanks, I will try to change the code that manages the movements.

Really cool concept. The game freezes during the second level and the sound only plays on the left headphone, but I know this is still in development.

Hologrape responds:

Thanks, I will fix the audio issue. Can you please tell me where it freezed?

lemons dont belong in cocktails. as lemons are acidic which is the opposite of alcohol. anagram system very clever. very quality game. a little unoptimized. pajama sam is technically a better game but it didnt have the anagram system. but this game is doing way more than any accolades
this game will ever receive. neat.

optimization notes: used to run well in the tutorial. used very little power. commentary on efficiency was over low power consumption but meltdown makes applications which would be extremely low latency non existent which is sad but technically this is works the way an exe would work for an old 222 mhz computer or something. pajama sam was a great game. freezes dont indicate bad performance necessarily.

Hologrape responds:

Thanks for info about the cocktail, I will substitute it with something else (... and you discovered I don't drink alcoholics).

I like the idea of the game but there is a bug where it won't let me put an object in the yellow orb because there are "too many objects" even tough there's nothing in there, which doesn't allow me to progress.

Hologrape responds:

When she says "too many objects" you should drag the object in the yellow circle back in the inventory, and then drag in the new object.

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2020
1:23 PM EST
  • Godot Engine