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Billy Bob: Green Hill Zone

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Lake Maze 100 Points

Wow, lazy much?

Parkour Mountain 1 100 Points

Great work! Enjoy the climb?

Parkour Mountain 2 100 Points

The sky's the limit!

Sky High: Pipe Dream 100 Points

Haha so high dude

The Master Ball Manipulator 100 Points

Wow, incredible work! This is the hardest diamond in the game!

Author Comments

THIS GAME SUPPORTS GAMEPADS! I prefer to play with an xbox one controller, but it's not required!

Current Build: v1.0

If you had appendages, you'd probably be hopping and skipping and climbing around collecting the 5 gems!


  • WASD/Left Analog Stick - Move
  • Spacebar/A Button - Jump
  • Left Mouse Button/Right Analog Stick - Orbit Camera
  • Scroll Wheel/Triggers or Bumpers - Zoom In/Out

The objective is to collect the 5 purple gems. There are also coins to collect as well. Once you're done playing, jump through the score submission pipe to submit your score to the leaderboard!

This is a game I've had sitting on my computer for a while. It's mostly a proof of concept, I plan on making more polished sequels in 2021+!


December 28th 2020 v1.0 - Initial Release!

  • Forgive the jank, it's my second game in unity.
  • It was difficult just making the main menu
  • I am very tired, please be nice
  • I'll fix any game ruining bugs, but don't expect any polish or feature updates. I'm saving those for the sequel, but I have enough projects on my plate right now.

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Damn this game is tough.. It took me over an hour of constant playing to get the last diamond. The controls are insanely difficulty to master. Sometimes I felt like I finally got the hang of it, to immediately fail at the next jump. The green platforms are so so tough to jump off or to even. I like the graphics and I think it was a neat challenging game =)

Oh yeah, I tried submitting my score multiple times, but it didn't seem to work. Also I had to climb the mountain twice, because the first time the medals didn't count.

larrynachos responds:

I think there's an NG API issue where if you play the game for too long, it unhooks or errors out of something. It really bothers me that the medals and scoreboards only work "sometimes", cause it's not an error on my end, it's NG. Maybe they don't have enough bandwidth allocated to API calls or something.

Thanks for playing! This was an interesting experiment, I'm glad you found a little enjoyment out of it! The green floaty platform tower was my final "fuck you" lmao. It's a pain starting from the very bottom, but pro tip: if you get high enough you can jump and skip the bottom half, making it a breeze.

Visually, it looks pretty cool. And the music is amazing!

Unfortunately it's too beefy for any of my machines. But I'm sure if you had a beefy machine with some high end graphics card, this might be an enjoyable experience.

Kind of the case with your 3D room game too, where it visually looks quite nice, but unfortunately just too beefy for what I have. So I'm not going to take off points for it because 3D games do sometimes require some beefy graphics card, which I don't have. It is possible to make 3D games which don't, but a lot of them just go ahead and require it.

Now if it was a 2D game? Then yeah then maybe look at why it's performing so badly. But for 3D it's sadly sometimes inevitable.

pretty good game :)

From the moment I saw the thumbnail I knew I stumbled upon gold.

it lags me so i cant get any medals [im not saying its bad]

larrynachos responds:

It's unity, so it requires a better computer than what my 2d games do, what are your specs? I'm sorry to hear that you were unable to play it correctly :(