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XETIS Episode 1: PILOT

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this was originally posted to the youtube channel Never Stop Filming. these are the credits from that description, so @'s there may not apply here. if any of these people create newgrounds accounts, they'll be credited properly.

The guys behind this:

Kai Erik Nielsen (@ayekerik)

Oliver Jacobs (@oliverjoaks)

Hooper McDermott (@/incelswag on Instagram)

Greta Hougan (@gooberthed)

and Cameron Langsdale.

And thanks to the people who provided their voices for this:

Josiah Joyce

Macintosh (@/macintoshinmyhome on Instagram)

Storyboard comparison for this episode: https://youtu.be/hCv7ffXQCXM

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aa this is such a cute and amazing animation! the 3D animation reminds me of pre rendered old school animations haha, great job! :D

ayekerik responds:

thanks!!! yeah, it's super heavily influenced by oldschool 3D renders, like the kinds you'd see in N64 game manuals

I'm loving the character design, and there voices. The animation isn't always 100% perfect but it's quite forgivable.

Ooo! This is really nice, and rather charming as well. I can't wait for more of this! :)

nice bl e n de r animation