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A "1-bit" puzzle-platforming metroidvania about rescuing cryptids from the U.S. military

Rescue the cryptids from a secret U.S. facility

The Lizard Wizard, Walla Walla Eyeballa, and 2-Day Shipping were minding their own cryptid business as they were suddenly captured by the U.S. military! Work together as all three cryptids as you try to escape the facility.

  • Lizard Wizard has melee and can destroy boxes.
  • Walla Walla Eyeballa can fire projectiles and fit through small holes.
  • 2-Day Shipping can lay boxes and reach high places.



  • WASD to move
  • Space to jump
  • Left click to use cryptid action
  • Scroll or Q & E to switch between cryptids
  • R to respawn

Arrow Keys

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Z to jump
  • X to use cryptid action
  • C & V or Q & E to switch between cryptids
  • R to respawn

Controller (Xbox)

  • Left stick/d-pad to move
  • A to jump
  • B to use cryptid action
  • LB and RB to switch between cryptids
  • Select to respawn


  • Jaden Goter (picross) - programming, level design, game design, some art
  • Camden Obertop (camdeno) - art
  • Grant Davis (grantimation) - music and sound
  • Matt Lowe (Matlow100) - level design

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Anyone else find the secret screen after the End screen?

not a bad game at all, but if the puzzles involving three characters were any longer (imagine playing 5+ rooms with them) I would get burnt out quickly. Thats just me though, i spent much longer on the pre boss room than i like to admit.

its a really fun game. but i wish the boss fight was a more clear on how to beat it ( i had to google a walkthrough on youtube lol). also the switch thing could have been explained better also at the start the game is very hard so maybe you should smoothen the learning curve. over a good game.

Gidzillo responds:

What video did you watch? I didn't realize anyone had made walkthroughs of our tiny game, haha! Thanks so much for playing, sorry about the difficulties!

I was a bit confused at the beginning, but once I figured out what I had to do the rest of the game was really fun to solve! Great job!

Great game, but maybe add a home button when you are finished and add a medal for finding the spinning man above the "END" blocks ;)

How do you save the grey dude?