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God Damn Cops Are Pigs

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COps are pigs I hate them sure this movie is a little extreme but u never know! I compressed it well. Nice little Film Noir...sorta making fun of thos anti drugs commericals

UPDATE I added a bonus vide of police brutality at the end of the movie so enjoy my present


crap crap

i hate people wich detaste the police for no aperent reason

I bet you hate police because either your friends does or you have been caught by the Police of something. Verry bad movie.


respect the police for what they do and if you get arrested then suck it.

Yep they are pigs

Yeah your right they are nice flash humor for seeing your friend getting beat up by a cop

Yeah, cops are pigs

Cops suck ass. I'm a skater and they hassle me all the time for no reason. They're supposed to "Protect and Serve" but how are they supposed to protect people when they're busy with meaningless bullshit.

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Yet again you fail to prove your worth!

You are pathetic! Newgrounds isn't a place to let out your anger in flahs movies! It's people like you that make life not worth living! *ZERO'D!!!*

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1.80 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2003
8:45 PM EST
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