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Angie In School

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oh hey, my first upload.

Uhhh, this was a short film I had to make for my first year of uni. One of my modules was 2d animation.

(WooOOWw SO ORIgInaL!!11!)

ft. my horrendous writing

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Considering this is a show don't tell story, I think you conveyed the story pretty darn well. And of course the animation is spic and span as a well oiled honda civic!


I love this! It's really nice to see you finally make something, I'm looking foward to seeing more content. I would like to see more of this character, Maybe a longer story? Would be nice, but it's still a good start!

i LOVE THIS!!!! i would love to see more of her in the future - she seems like a lot of fun :D!

I care her