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Happy Boxing Day!

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Hello this is a special holiday upload of my cartoon under a false title, to avoid festival scrutiny. Enjoy! Watch with your family and friends. Music by Davis Weimer, and a little by Maura Csipo.

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Heck yea dude what a ride this was! i cant get enough of your characters, every pose is just so much fun to look at

thecigarliker responds:

Thank you! The on-set choreographer spent a lot of time with the actors getting the poses just right. Everyone had a lot of fun on set.

Honestly a great cartoon, really fun and expressive character drawings, love the bg art & the efects added to it to make it look more like a indie experimental cartoon (has a real indie music video look to it). I gotta be jerk here and say that I do have a complaint ant that is that some of the actions dont have as much "punch" in them as they could eg. the steam wistle is kind of stiff I generaly expect it to move atleast a little in a cartoon & when the anvil falls you only see the onomatopoeia but not the impact. Those kind of nitpicks asside this was a joy to watch.

Move like a bird, sting like a... buffalo/bison/beast of similar caliber? :P

This was great. Wonderfully wacky style and friendly ending, and if this was all manually painted then soo much work put into it too. Just sometimes feel like the pace is maybe a little unnecessarily slow. Some scenes take their time on expressions, and pans, and motions that don't always seem to do or imply anything. Even if there's no tension, or build, or any really perceptible emotion/reason to stay in the moment. Like maybe it's more so because the art is so thorough it needs time to breath. That's the only thing I feel could be a bit more polished.

Awesome work overall; Happy Boxing Day!


thecigarliker responds:

It was in fact manual painted! Lots of Gouache. Thanks for the great review!

One of the best animated fights I've seen and that music

Incredible! Love the animation, story, and how it looks like an old film from the 80s!