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Delaying the Christmas spirit

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I didn't start animating this until December 6 or 7. I usually start on the first of each month to do monthly animations that would be posted by the end of the month. But with this one I had way less time than I usually do. "Make a Christmas special" I said " it will be simple " I said, it turns out that I can't trust myself because it is like 3times longer than my usual animations. I just can't control myself!

Merry Christmas everyone! It is like 11 pm here. It is a Christmas miracle that I finish this in time! Well for where I am at least!

Edit: I was hoping to see if my story was understandable for the most part, but now I see that it has been proven difficult to follow. Thank you all for letting me know! Feel free to tell me what you thought the story was about. I'd like to see where the confusion comes from or how I can make it better


The Twoez celebrate a holiday similar to Christmas by letting these fluffy flying puff balls named iuliz into their house. They all fly and wonder around and go inside of houses that have the windows open. Our main character Jin, has kept his windows closed for a long time but remembers that there was a time when he celebrated the holiday and loved those flying creatures; but for some reason he doesn't celebrate anymore. He walks away from his window when an iuli is flying in front of his window as he doesn't want to look at them. A girl named Jen-Z is walking home after she spend the day ice skating and looks up at Jin's window realizing that it is still closed. At this point, Jin is sleeping and dreams about the day when his mother, Maili adopted a child named Jenny. Sadly Jenny is deadly allergic to the iuliz so the windows will remain locked from now on. Later on he keeps dreaming about a celebrating the holiday with his new sister, she gets clothing and he gets an plushie of an iuli since he can't have the real thing around his sister. The plushie comes to life, chases Jenny and then he wakes up. Jin looks at a picture of his sister and him and realizes that he doesn't need to continue not celebrating as his sister doesn't live with him anymore. He decorates the house, open his window and goes straight to work. Jen-z his a regular customer of Jin's that truly cares for him. This time she gets a tattoo on her face just so that she can look at him straight in the eyes and she sees that he is lonely. Later on she calls his sister to inform her that she should check on her brother. Jenny agrees and puts on her protective helmet as the iuliz are everywhere these days. Later on at Jin's house, there is a knock, his sister is here but she is not alone; she brought their mother. This causes Jin to panic as he remembers his mother suffering a terrible accident caused by the iuliz that lead her to replace her body for robotic parts just to keep her alive. Turns out that Maili suffer psychological trauma that made her be afraid of the iuliz and took her son's plushie away because of it and those creatures are in his house right now. Using the doggie door, they push forward a gift containing a new iuli plushie, letting him know that it is okay that he loves them even though they did not have the best experience with them. Jin being aware about what his family truly thinks, finally lets them in and take a family picture together.


by the way I realized that my tablet keeps track of how much time I spend where and basically I did this animation in 134 hours or less. There are a few things that qualify as "creativity" but I know for a fact that 99% of the time was spend on my animation app rather than other creative apps. Idk I thought it would be a cool thing to share

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7 minutes of animation in 134 hours is impressive as hell but I find the story to be confusing without any background info or subtitles. Try simplifying your story next time.

Twoeliz responds:

Thank you, I will try to not let the story get out of hand next time but I'd like to tackle other complex stories some other time!

This is also perfect for people with broken humor 👌

Twoeliz responds:

I think you got the wrong video. For something similar to broken humor you should check out "Mario's glazing donuts job"

It's made nicely, but it's a little confusing and a lot of scenes don't have sound effects

Twoeliz responds:

Thanks! If you have any suggestions on how I could have presented this story in a less confusing way, feel free to send me a DM.

The editor tends to crash if there are too many things being added and sometimes they flat out disappear when saving the project. I hope to be able to afford a better editor in the feature to increase the sound effect quality.

I guess just try a higher frame rate?? It’s hard to give advice to someone better than you lol

Twoeliz responds:

Fair point, my frames are usually around 10 and 13 frames per second because anything higher than that might crash my program. Perhaps I should try it when I get a better animation program! Thanks for at least trying haha

Well, it's not bad, of course... But I just couldn't understand most of what was going on or how many of the different characters were related to each other.

Twoeliz responds:

There are 4 characters. 3 of them are a family. Maili,Jin and Jenny being Mother,son and adopted daughter. The other character is more of an spectator who intervened and made a call for the family to get back together. I hope this helps.