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Raccoon Mama Mambo

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I've been diving into Blender lately and made a little test animation of my raccoon mama Maya dancing up a storm. I'm happy with how things are looking with her but I still might fine tune some things and continue to expand on her "capabilities".

Enjoy and happy holidays!

Nude version on Patreon: https://patreon.com/omegaozone

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holy mama O-O
edit: is she doing the izantachi dance? (zero two lol)

OmegaOzone responds:


I have a few questions:
1. Do you remember 3Mangos and his OC, Mango Pony?
2. Are you ready for Raccoon Mama's kids?

OmegaOzone responds:

Yes and Yes

This looks like one of those avatars on VR chat that are popular. Is it?

OmegaOzone responds:

I'm planning to put her into vr chat soon actually. Still have to add a few things.

I clicked on this thinking there would be a joke, movie, or something to this since it was recommended on daily, but it's just a raccoon. a thiiiiicccc raccoon

The people getting upset over this are weak willed and will fall the the furry coup