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Hey goles) This is from 8 and a half years ago I left it unfinished. There was a storyboard I didn't follow it. This was made in the (what if scenario flow) Dunno... The second last shot was unfinished. And the final shot is new. There was a bit of clean up that needed to be done and some background stuff. Which I just recently scribbled together (real quick) Some poses of the rhino were done from reference of photos of real rhinos from google images. And the drawing in the very first shot of the rhinos feet is done from reference from the front cover of Preston Blair's book. Which I had on my desk at the time. Golfinho gave me the deer design to use in this. So Golfinho designed the deer. This is obviously a bit in the niche of Golfinhos style.

I have a couple other old things I plan on finishing But it might not be for a while.

Beat a child up? YES!

Want me to make something for you? Contact me: organizedapeshape@gmail.com

(I can do porn loops)

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this guy likes his poop

I show this to my 8 year old son to teach him how to shit proper on the john

I like it. My favorite part was when he looked at his watch and it just said "FUCK YOU." I also like how it told me that again at the end :)

OrganizedApeShape responds:

Wanna fuck my parents?

Well... I think that it's pretty well done for a movie about asses and shit that doesn't make sense.

OrganizedApeShape responds:

Thanks Mister

what the fuck did i just watch i cant stop seeing it my god im going to go bleach my eyes now ok