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Snowb4ll Fight

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Our entry for Secret Santa Jam 2020



How to play:

Each player has a set of 3 actions, to throw a snowball, build up a wall, or gather snow. These are performed by clicking the action button with a mouse (The color of the buttons correspond to the team of the same color. As in blue buttons would mean it's the blue team's turn, and red means it's the red team's turn). Once you perform these actions your turn switches, and you must hand the mouse to the next player. Each player also starts with 4 snow. Below is a list of your actions:

:: Throw ::

When throwing a snowball a 1 & 2 will appear on screen, allowing you to apply 1 or 2 damage to your snowball, and by proxy subtracting those amounts from your snow. There's also a small chance every turn that a golden 3 will appear, which does 3 damage and doesn't cost any snow. After clicking the 1 or 2, click the character from your opponent you want to hit, and your turn will end.

:: Build ::

The walls in front of each character defend them from snowballs. If a snowball hits a wall, it will decrease the walls amount. If the snowball's damage is greater than the wall's height, then the left over damage will hurt the player. Like throwing, you have an option between 1 or 2 snow, and a chance for a golden 3 to appear. Each wall has a maximum of 4. After clicking the amount, click one of your walls to build them, and your turn will end.

:: Gather ::

This increases a player's pile by 1, this will be the only move a player can make if their snow amount is 0.

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I like it when they fade away due to blunt trauma

MigMoog responds:

They might be hiding rocks in those snowballs 🤫

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3.55 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2020
12:01 AM EST
  • Phaser
  • Aseprite
  • Daily 5th Place December 21, 2020