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Unemployed Shift at Night (Beta)

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Author Comments

This game is not finished and is in the Beta stage of development.

More versions coming in the future, this build does not represent the final game.

To Switch positions, press A or D.

You can flick up the monitor as usual, or press S instead.

Similarly, cameras can also be toggled with numbers.

CD+ Skips the night.

Made with Game Maker: Studio. Inspired by Scott Cawthon's FNAF series.

Note: Expect unstable/low framerates and low audio quality.

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I like the potential here, but there are 2 glaring issues that need to be addressed.

First, although I didn't get too far into the game. I had no idea what I was supposed to be looking out for. The graphics are acceptable the way they are, but the monsters should have something that causes them to pop out, like a contrasting color in comparison to the background.

Second, there's a bug that breaks the cameras, I thought it had to do with changing positions while looking at the cameras. But I ran into the same issue when changing positions and then trying to look at the cameras again.

philRacoIndie responds:

Thank you for the feedback!
Yeah, no animatronics have been added yet, which is why you couldn't see them and
i'm working to fix that annoying bug.