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Demystifying the Christmas Tree

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Demystifying the Christmas Tree

Help your kitten destroy as many decorations as you can before the tree is fully decorated or their energy runs out and they nap.

Try to destroy multiple decorations within a short time to get combo bonuses and improve your score. Use your energy wisely, young feline.

Play as Philly or Frankie on their own or with a friend against each other. See who can cause the most chaos!


Action      Frankie (Player 1)  Philly (Player 2)
jump        up                  E
run         left/right          S, F
descend     down                D
poke        O(Z)                W
swipe/hit   X                   Q

Return      menu, including music on/off and restart.

(These are the standard PICO-8 controls so some other keys work too)

On Chrome for mobile the game may get stuck at the screen choosing the type of game. If I tap in the bottom right of the square display to pull up the menu then dismiss that again, then the controls seem to work again and I can play the game. It's not a perfect solution, but it might work for you.


Demystifying the Christmas Tree recreates a real event from a Christmas past, although in real life the kittens not only broke decorations, but also took out parts of the tree itself. They also didn't run out of energy (as anyone who has had kittens would know).

If you like this game, find a problem or have any suggestions then please comment below.

Please consider trying my other games or following me for news on new projects.

Happy Holidays :)

1.0.1 update: after testing with the owner of the kittens (my girlfriend's mother aka "mother-outlaw") I've added an option to change the speed that the arms decorate the tree.

1.0.2 update: added fade effect to intro. Because I felt like it.

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very cute!

Nice game!!


little game!

Short and cute little game! I have no idea what this whole 'demystifying' business is, but the gameplay perfectly encapsulates cat behavior in a nutshell. Some of the gameplay was a bit confusing and frustrating: I don't know what the purpose of the poke move is against the superior hit move (other than the poke move looking cute) and sometimes the platforms would be a bit frustrating to determine where I should land and such. Also, I wish there was a visual representation of your combo timer so you could see how long you have left: felt like it was way shorter than I would expect. But anyway, the only real issue I had with the game was that it was so short! Would love to maybe see some levels, maybe with destruction quotas, or maybe different modes, like you need to scale a giant tree to reach the star on top (to knock it off, of course) and avoid hands that try to pull you away from the tree, etc. But anyway, it was still a nice fun little time!