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Shiffty Squirrel (Beta)

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So... Essentially.. you just don't move and you win... Umm... Ok.. So.. Lets rate this thing..

Graphically, it looks pretty nice, even if the squirrel does look more like a fox than a squirrel.. Whatever.. it looks nice.... Granted.. it is literally just one screen, the fox/squirrel and an eagle..

Sound (I don't usually judge audio components.. but.. there is little to judge here). I like the music it does kind of put forth a sense of urgency.. However, when it loops it fades out and abruptly starts again. Try working on a seamless loop, no fadeout no abrupt start. I am assuming you made the music (otherwise you would have credited it, right?) so that should be a pretty simple matter to re-cut it. Unfortunately there is no audio other than the music.. so that is really lacking..

The menu.. well it is a menu. and both the start and help buttons do work. The help button does tell you what your goal is and gives credits info, but it doesn't give you the controls. Additionally, I am not sure if it is the font used, or if you are just missing a bunch of spaces, but it looks like you are missing a bunch of spaces. That being said one other problem with the help menu, is that you cannot return to the main menu from it, you have to restart the game... YAY...

And now to the meat and potatoes.. The gameplay... or rather bread and water as the case may be. The movement is not bad, pretty smooth, and the controls do appear to work as intended. I think I would have prefered w for jump, but space works fine (thanks for the instructions by the way). The invisibility mechanic also seems to work well, albeit a bit too well and the transition is instant and automatic. One thing I can note about that mechanic is even if you jump you remain invisible.. jumping is movement. Also if you stop moving while you are moving (sliding persay) you move laterally while invisible. The only game mode available to play is survival in which your goal is to avoid a hawk/eagle for as long as possible. The eagle cannot see you/chase you while invisible and there are no other enemies/obstacles or places to go... In other words the game is won by doing absolutely nothing for as long as possible (i.e. until you get so annoyed you quit). This mode is pointless and it is the only mode.

As I said though I do like the mechanic, or rather the thought therin. I really think this could be made into a pretty fun action platformer, but it really needs to be flushed out before uploading it again. I would love to give this another go once it is more flushed out, but right now there is very little to see and I can't in good conscience give this a passing score.. Nor can I give it a complete zero because it is not without redeeming qualities. Gotta give it 1.5 stars. Add some gameplay to survival mode, or better yet, skip survival mode and go straight to the actual game and this could be an easy 4+ star game.

Good luck.

Credits & Info

2.42 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2020
12:28 PM EST