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Top and RabRab - Multiplayer

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RabRab tries his best to impress the cool kids at the arcade, but they'll only hang out with him if he's got the money to keep gaming. In trying to snatch money from a shy turtle named Top, he may have just found a real friend.

This was another TVPaint assignment for class and I thought it would be awesome if I used my recently made characters, Top and RabRab! It was so much fun to make, and I hope you guys like my new original animation. Also, I'm glad to be uploading to NewGrounds for the first time in a while :)

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the animations is amazing, but i would say tone down the boil on the lines.

Looks cool enough.

What a fluid animation with all honesty.


lovely animation but the constant laughing from rabrab was kind of unbearable. overall real good tho.

Very great video. This was a great message. Even tho he took the dude money, the turtle still played with him. Such amazing