Slide of Death

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Well there was a number of bad things about this but i thought that it all worked out in the end, i mean you did use a stick figure and the idea was really simple and i think i have seen it done afew times, but you did get the violence right and i did like that sound it made as he hit the spike at the bottom. Overall not a bad short just the graphics letting it down.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

Too short

^^Good Points^^
The blood and gore was drawn pretty well. The sound effects were a nice addition too. I think your animation and detail in this movie is a lot better than in the last movie I reviewed, but still this is very short.

^^Needs Improving^^
This seems like it should just be a scene from one of your other stick movies, but it gets its own submission. I can deal with that. But as its own movie, this has no storyline is not really funny at all, and turns out just to be random violence.


Strait funny

Funny really really Funny

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!


well a short movie with some good violence and also good sounds affects. This movie was funny to watch and overall not to bad of a short stick animation death.

Funny short with a bloody ending.