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Ring Wizardry

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Can be played using a touch screen or a mouse + arrow keys.

This is sort of a proof of concept that does function as a full game, but could be expanded upon with so many more possibilities and ideas. If only I had more time. Or even better, a crew of willing programmers. I hope you'll enjoy it thus far! :)

Character graphics were a collaborative effort by many wonderful artists over at Scratch.

Thanks everyone :)

Background gfx are from gamedevmarket.net [Best $6 I ever spent!]


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Since this is made in Scratch I can help! I am very skilled when it comes to Scratch. Not as skilled as Griffpatch, but still ok.

I think this game is quite clever.

I'm curious how you programmed the spells. I.E. tracking different mouse movements and mouse movement patterns.

The combat is ok, but seems a little too simple and redundant. Shooting spells that have somewhat different projectile behavior at enemies that move around randomly isn't super interesting imo. There isn't much variation or difficulty scaling with this system and most fights will feel very similar after awhile.

One suggestion would be to have enemies designed so they are susceptible to certain spells and immune to others. In order to defeat them, one must use the correct spells or combinations of spells. - This adds more of a skill element to the game, allowing more difficulty scaling, and gives the player a strong reason for learning and practicing different spells.

This game is amazing i love it, i love all the characters, each with his unique personality.
the way to fight and do magic is very fun, my favorite is red magic.
but I wish there was white magic, to use against Embermist ha,ha,ha

Excellent game +5 =D

Excellent variation in symbols and styles. The symbols are easy enough to learn (though they can be a little finnicky at times, the yellow one that has a 45 degree angle draw and the yellow boomerang were always difficult to try to pull off). I also liked how simple the drawings were despite how it's clearly designed so a player can't stumble upon a really solid spell. Personally, I'd like that experimentation, but I can see why it wouldn't fit in a game like this. I'll be keeping an eye on if there's ever an update for this if you decide to keep going!

also here's my hot take: blue and red had the best spells

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3.44 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2020
6:56 AM EST