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Chucan Fall

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Amateur Faller 5 Points

Get a distance of 10,000

Pro Faller 10 Points

Get a distance of 50,000

Expert Faller 25 Points

Get a distance of 100,000

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments


You've heard of endless runners? Now get ready for endless falling! In Chucan Fall, you control a character who falls from platform to platform, collecting coins and avoiding spikes along the way.

On November 27th I tested positive for covid 19. For the first few days I was convinced I was going to die. When I realized that I wasn't dying, I decided I needed to have something to occupy my time off work. Thus, my covid quarantine project Chucan Fall was born. This was my first experience using Construct 3, and I really like it. Great for someone who loves making games but sucks bilge water when it comes to programming (that's me).

Audio seems to be slightly delayed on some devices. Not sure what's up with that, and not convinced it's a big enough problem to pursue fixing.

How to Play

You must land on every platform, or you lose. You also lose if you touch the spike balls. Your fall speed gradually increases over time. Collect coins as you fall to spend in the store between every fall. There are 4 powerups you can buy from the store: Coin Vacuums, PortaPlatforms, Obsta-Gones, and Parachutes.

Coin Vacuums pull coins toward you. It isn't a guarantee that you'll catch every coin though! Lasts for 5000 distance.

PortaPlatforms drop a platform a short distance below you. Good way to save yourself in a pinch.

Obsta-Gones remove all obstacles from the screen. These will occasionally be necessary to proceed, so stock up!

Parachutes reset your fall speed. A must-have for getting big distances!



Left and Right arrow keys to move

Z, X, C, and V to use Coin Vacuums, PortaPlatforms, Obsta-Gones, and Parachutes respectively, or buy them when in the store

Space to start the game when you're on the main menu or in the store

Click the mute buttons to mute sound effects and/or music

Touch Screen

Touch and hold the left or right sides of the screen to move

Touch the buttons to use Coin Vacuums, PortaPlatforms, Obsta-Gones, and Parachutes, or buy them when in the store

Touch the mute buttons to mute sound effects and/or music


  • You don't actually have to land on the platforms, just touching the sides will do. I will say that this is hard to do on purpose though!
  • I like to use a parachute every 20,000 distance or so
  • Sometimes a platform will be completely blocked by spike balls. For this reason, Obsta-Gones are a necessity for long distance falls
  • There is a best time to use a Coin Vacuum...

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Why does it look like grian from hermitcraft is falling?

Cool idea, I'd like to see it expanded further. It's like the opposite of a kitten cannon like launch game. rather than landing on every platform, it'd be cool if you had to land every few seconds, so you could press your luck and skip a platform for riches. and maybe spend money to increase that time.

It was fairly okay in it's current state, but nothing at the moment stands out to me

Hmm, game has some ups and downs. For example, the title screen logo is very impressive, but the rest of the HUD elements such as the credits, score display, and so on are very bland hard-to-read text: could use a bit more stylization or outlines to add a little bit of a professional touch. Graphics seemed a bit haphazard as well with the coins and mines looking good, but the actual platforms looking like a sprite that's been awkwardly stretched/resized. The gameplay is quite basic, nothing to write home about, but it's functional: was confused on why I would die when I didn't land on a platforms, and why I couldn't recover from death by landing on one during my death fall (feels a bit unfair to not be able to). Controls were a bit confusing at first with me not realizing I had to click the sides of my screen with the mouse (thought I could just click to the left or right of my character to move in that direction) so I switched to keyboard which worked better. Seems like an alright idea, but I think it's just missing a lot of spice and something special to make it really stand-out from others.

GoodL responds:

Thanks! I always appreciate your feedback, and honestly since you reviewed World War Wizards a year ago I've always kept what you said in mind while working on new games. I really do appreciate it! I totally agree with what you're saying on the text, it's absolutely true that I didn't put in a whole lot of effort there, other than the title screen text, and doing so definitely could have applied that extra polish. It does look a bit... unfinished I suppose.

As for the mouse movement, Construct defaults "touch" inputs with with mouse pointer inputs. I never intended anyone to play this game with a mouse. I suppose I could have disabled that from even being possible.

You are not wrong that the platform sprites are a bit awkwardly stretched. Despite doing this game in pixel art, I didn't actually use "true" 1x1 pixel art when it game to putting the assets I drew in game. I'll keep that in mind next time. It's something I usually like to do, but I guess I was slackin'.

Lastly, in my mind it made sense that if you didn't land on every platform then you'd be "falling too fast" so you would "take too much fall damage from landing on a platform after missing one." But I do realize that that isn't exactly cohesive with the fact that the fall speed increases over time. Honestly I was hoping to hand wave that away with "video game logic." lol

Thanks again, and happy new year!

Simple and very fun game.

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2020
8:49 PM EST
  • Aseprite
  • Construct 3