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Macro • Pool

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Author Comments


It's pool, but with planets! Throw the moon as a cue ball and send planets into black hole.

Exploit planets FXs to score the maximum possible score.


Source code - https://github.com/HealliesGames/Macro-Pool


  • Fixed sudden braking physics.


  • FX: GRAVITY has less force.
  • Rewrote FX: ATTRACTION behaviour.
  • Improved gameplay and changed score calculation on MODE: CLASSIC
  • Added / changed some graphics.
  • Added new modality TIME ATTACK.
  • Can quit game by holding RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.


  • Fixed crash at end game.


A 5-days pool game reinterpretation made for GitHub GameOff 2020 (theme: MOONSHOT).

Had fun again using Phaser, and this time with Typescript!

A huge thanks to this repository author, which cutted down the setting up tedium.

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Such a fun game!

i solve black hole equations in my head for fun and this was accurate

I like the warping of the line of sight by the black hole. I think it's a nice touch. :3
I think having to plan to which planet you're closest to decide which effect you get is a cool idea, and adds a bit of complexity to an otherwise simple game.
I managed to get 7302, but I might come back to it later. it's pretty fun!

HealliesGames responds:

Mine is 7448, so you're not so far. x)

Thank you for playing and feedback, OneThousandMeeps!

EDIT: After the update, 6750. Now time is multiplied by 5.

now i want more universes :((

HealliesGames responds:

That was my first intention, but I started too late for the game jam.
Nothing sure, but I'll consider to add another one or two "solar systems".
Thanks for playing, whart!

I had a good feeling when I started this game.
I told myself : "Ok, this is going to be good, to play pool with planets."
I liked the art. I liked the ambiance. "Ok. Let's start."

Then I started. I understood pretty quickly not to launch the moon in the black holes (I didn't read the "How to play") and I found the idea great. I saw that there were some changes in the gameplay that appeared randomly, spicing up the game. I didn't see a scoring bar, or anyhting, so I made a challenge to myself to finish the first "world" in the fewer shots possible. Good.

And then.... "Fx : Gravity" appeared, and I couldn't shoot any planet in a black hole because... the planets never leave the "ground" high enough to go in any black hole. How do I know that ? I had this FX at least 10 times in a row, mixed 3 times with "Fx : slides"...
So 13 times with "Gravity" where you can't do anything (I even had a black hole near the "ground", the planets never went there in "gravity" mode...) and "Slides" where it doesn't do much... The same thing happened next with "Fx : small planets", which appeared 5 times in a row....
I told myself that it wasn't too bad, that I just had a bad score count only to me, but the game records the number of moves you have to use in order to calculate the score... which is kind of harsh given the "punishment" you can get if you get "gravity fx"...

So the game would be awesome if the mix of the fx was more efficient and maybe less (or more ?) random, meaning that fxs should not appear too often... or in a more diverse way ?

HealliesGames responds:

Thanks for playing, cob4!

The FXs are not random: they change every turn depending on which planet is nearest the moon.
Placing the cursor on them will show their FX, and placing it on the moon will show the approaching planet.

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2020
3:12 PM EST
  • Aseprite
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Phaser 3