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When The Lights Are Out

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A short game made for mini-jam 55. It was unplayable until recently, but a new programmer helped me "finish" the project. I wish this could have been more, had more levels and that I could better tweak the existing ones, but oh well, that's life, that's game development. At least it's now playable and serves as a proof of concept. Hope you enjoy!

WASD or arrow keys to move

Space or L to turn the lights on/off - there's a bit of a cooldown, so be careful!

Design by Gabe

Art by ZeroStas

Code by Snacc

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It's pretty cool but it's too easy because you don't really need to turn the lights on, you can just walk avoiding the monsters and go to the door.

cool and easy!
please make more levels

It's an interesting idea, but there's just not much reason to leave the lights on. Camera movement gives you a rough idea of where your character is, and level geometry is largely inconsequential

I think that is a really good inspiration for what a game jam game should be- lazer-focused on it's core gameplay and with a simple yet fun concept.

Sadly, engaging with the core gameplay is not as fun as it is on paper, since camera serves you a bit too well in the dark, and there is no real incentive for you to ever turn on the lights (completing the game by toggling the light off at the start of the level is too easy).

An owl enemy which sees in the dark? a level/switches which can only be used with lights on?

Cool concept, but the turning the lights off is more powerful than the game is challenging. You can just remember the layout and persist in that state until the next level. If you continue to work on this, you could possibly add some objective you have to obtain or complete that requires the lights to be on. Or a switching between the two, making the cooldown actually something.

I'd love to see this concept worked on further!

GabeMalk responds:

Yeah, to be honest, me too! But for now it's simply what it is.