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Worlds Collide Beta 0.1.2

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Author Comments

This was a bored game I made as a young teen that I thought would be fun to make into a video game.I enjoy making games and video games especially! I

It is a early stage of the game and

there may be some bugs and alot of content to come. I hope you enjoy the game though and can help me make it into an even bigger and better game!

There will be more of everything in the future!

I would love to add a character creator!

Thanks so much for your time!

(Firefox may have troubles running it.Chrome seems to work fine)

Current partners are:


Kid Goku

Nathan Drake

Gandalf (Gold Partner)





There is a special Patreon Tier! For only one dollar vote on all polls to help decide the new stuff!

Update note!


Added a difficulty select


Cleaned up enemy images

Enemies boost stats when players party is full.

Partners now have a desired alliance of Milta or Empire

Some minor bug fixes

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Hmm, diamond in the rough? Very basic game but I really like the direction. The partner aspect is really cool and I had some awesome ones. Samus... My childhood crush. And Batman, my hetero-man crush.
Being able to choose the difficulty was good, allowed for a quick playthrough just to have fun with partners or the challenge. Needs a lot of work going forward, but I am excited for the direction.
The music was actually kind of cool, the classes were cool and I like the homage to King of Dragons, I think it was? The old SNES game with the Cleric?

WorldsCollideGame responds:

Thanks for your time! It's in early stages and I hope to add alot more content! New modes as well.The Cleric is a wink to King of Dragons.

It has a lot of problems that were immediately obvious and made me not want to play any more. I had the same bug as jrl80 with the partner selection. It has Cloud ripped from Final Fantasy and probably has other stuff you don't have rights to use. When I started playing there was no plot or world to explore, which is pretty much the point of an RPG game, instead all the player can do is pick Advance and get random stuff thrown at them. The very first battle had five goblins that could 1-hit kill my party members and wiped out half my party in the first round, and I managed to kill one of the five goblins before they wiped out my party -- pretty lopsided for the first battle of the game and I'm pretty sure there's no way I could've won it. But there doesn't seem to be any penalty for dying since the game just continued as if nothing happened(?) Also noticed that during battle there's an option to choose a passive ability to use, even though a passive ability is supposed to be something which is not actively used (not that there were any to choose from in the first battle).

WorldsCollideGame responds:

It is not a bug,the game is just reshuffling do draw a partner you do not already have.
Do the fact the game is free you can use most things in it and there is no problem.
As said in game description this was based on a bored game so there is no real story to it.
I'm still working on balancing the stat issue. When you use in normal battle you lose Gold.Dieing in boss battles cause gameover.Passive ability is just letting you know these are active buffs the character has.

Sorry for the issues! This a beta with alot of work getting done it still.

Played for a while and some thoughts came to me:

The game is very repetitive with no reward of a storyline, and very few items, or upgrades.

There are too many art styles mixed together for any cohesiveness. The "cutscenes" for the special attacks are unneeded and the background should change based on the battle location.

The battle scenes have very limited information about the attack order and enemy stats, preventing any sort of strategic planning. Also, most of the battles seem to skew in favor of the enemies, and the difficulty seems completely random rather than progressively getting harder.

The partner selection restarted multiple times without choosing a partner.

There are also lots of spelling errors.

WorldsCollideGame responds:

This a beta,there is still alot of content coming.The different art styles are meant to be different this help to reference what they from.
If you don't like battle animations then you can turn off at the menu.

Sorry for any error you deal with,I will try to fix the problems in later versions.

Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2020
12:45 AM EST