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its just to see what i can do with flash and stuff
controls are
arrow keys - left, right, jump
control - shoot
im making a game and this is a short demo of it.
basically you hav to shoot the cops and jump around and stuff. this is meant to be like alien hominid, when its finished anyway. you can jump on top of the buildings and scare away birds and stuff and if more cops arent coming just fire your gun randomly and more will come
enjoy (and plz include what a name that u think wud b good for this game series, not including stinking pile of shit etc. )


it was't that good when is your game coming out

you should call it "hells town"


it's a demo...so I can understand the people not coming bug...at least you told us how to fix that. Hopefully this will be better when there is a finished product. Again, maybe a little background music...a little more action with police and reaction when they get shot. Three shots is ok...but should they just stand there?


good for stress releife

Call it "Tons of Glitchs+messes up your CPU"

Hey, as it says on the title. I found 25 glitchs. 2 are;
[1]If you jump of the left side of the screen then come back your invicable.
[2]If your on the lowest building start heading towards the other 1 while shooting all the time and you'll just continue walking. In till you fall of the edge.

It should be called Street Dog or something

you could go indoors,rob banks,and alot of street like things.

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Jan 11, 2003
12:56 PM EST
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