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An epic unboxing by an epic robloxer! One word... EPIC!!! Epic unboxing with EPIC results!!! Great pull of over $1.00!

Big shout out to my little brother for helping me make this cartoon. He'll be a fine newgrounder one day, I'm sure of it.

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master piece

You forgot the gift card giveaway bruh. That is the third most crucial portion of unboxing videos, right after the obvious fake expressions and expensive merch plugs.

Joe-Mega responds:

dang youre right :(

a truly epic story, personally i felt it when he said unboxing

Joe-Mega responds:

Ah a fellow intellectual. Most people cant comprehend my artistry.

A brilliant desconstruction of the current youtube landscape.

Joe-Mega responds:

I'm sort of an intellectual. Don't know if you could tell but I am gifted and good at books.

I truly didn't see that coming

Joe-Mega responds:

I'm glad it wasn't to predictable!