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The Frog's Call - Animated Short

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Song: The Band's Call - from the game LISA by Dingaling

Message me if you find something ¨weird¨ in the short, something related to a code maybe(?) hehehe

EDIT: someone already got the code sorry

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Now that was a cool jam.

thx for this =)

These are some excellent frogs.


240 9

432 N

576 Z

764 C

1068 X

1281 H

1490 5

1857 H

1914 6

2035 B

2047 N

2061 N

2076 P

2096 V

2155 I

i think is base32 but didnt fit coz 9

K1Cartoons responds:

You got em all! I'm sorry this isn't A HUGE REVEAL but I guess I'll just straight out say what the code is, before anyone goes full consipracy mode...The code is for the game LISA (where I took the song from) meant to be redeemed on Steam... Don't know if someone already used it but there you go.

Looks great! Why is there a 9 on his hand at the start?

K1Cartoons responds:

There may or may not be something hidden throughout the short.

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2020
7:55 PM EST

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