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Halloween Slasher

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Fight through hell and gather coins to upgrade your skills and get better!

This game I made for studying purposes, it was a fun experience. It was originally made for Android, I just made a quick version for html. I hope you enjoy it!


Z - Dash

Arrows - Move and jump

You can dash against walls to climb them!

MY DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ADVbTEmwfC

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The begging is way to hard but it was good ounce i got out of the first section

pixelrogueart responds:

Glad you liked it! I gotta make more balanced levels! Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot :).

Well made but way too hard early in the game. The five spiked blocks to the left of the first shop sign are impossible to cross with out losing at least two hearts of damage. Getting to a check point beyond that with one heart seems damn near impossible. Going to the right is just as difficult. IMHO there are just WAY too many damaging obstacles to make the game any fun.

pixelrogueart responds:

Thank you! I was way too worried on making the game mechanics that I left out the level design 🤣. Still, thank you for playing and taking time to leave a feedback!

There's some really cool stuff going on here and I do worry a lot of people won't appreciate it because the first stretch is really punishing. Something that might help is if the spike collision is reduced a bit - I found myself regularly sliding up against the far edge of spikes and taking damage that felt unfair. I have a feeling a lot will change once I get to the shop and upgrade but so far I haven't made it there! I'm getting closer, I hope.

Another thought - would it mess with your mechanics too much if the player could cancel out of a dash with a jump? Doing things like dashing into drop-offs I would have jumped over is another doozy.

pixelrogueart responds:

Woow, thank you Tom, you're a legend!

I agree with you, I plan on making a new map and adding a learning curve, I completely failed on making a good one 🤣. About cancelling the dash: Good call, that didn't cross my mind at all, won't mess with the mechanics, I'll most definitely do that.

Besides that, the fact that you liked it made my day! Thanks for taking time to leave a feedback, I work on those things ;).

wtf is even the first level
It feels like my character is way too heavy AND ice physics-y
Not blamming but its flawed

pixelrogueart responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I wanted to make something heavy and difficult, you can upgrade the jumps on the shop!