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UnTown episode 14- An Unfinale

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The time has finally come, and the stakes are high. Unreed is in great danger and the fate of the world is in Naces hands. Will Nace and Co Defeat Skyzilla? Find out on the final episode of UnTown!

Can't believe after all these years, we've made it to the finale. Thank you to everyone who has been watching all this time, literally without you guys I wouldn't have gotten this far! Thank you!


DieToDice as Nace


Cooper Quick as Craig


Bree Page as Kelsey


Jordan J Scavone as Spokeniss


Ashley Eddy as Colette


Brandi Stone as Pedal


Josh Click as Elrick


Jordan J Scavone as Skylar


Ryoma Ishizuka as Scott


Crystal Dennis as Mia


Shane Chambers as Mr Falco

NikokoTee as Craigs mother


Christa Elliott as Lexie


Jesse Lowther as Henry


SilverElick as Untwon


ShadowCee as ???


Sean Callahan as ???

Josh Click as Gruffy


Holly Lindin as Marcene


Michelle Tabula as Sarah Towers


 Written By:

PallidCrest &

 SilverElick https://www.youtube.com/user/ElickFlash

 Original Soundtrack by:

DynoStorm https://dynostorm.media/

Download the first OST!- https://dynostorm.bandcamp.com/album/untown-the-original-soundtrack

 Additional Soundtrack by:


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Was not into it at first. It is really funny how I started watching from here because of P-Bot nominees, congradulations by the way. After a while, I really adored the charm it had. The mariachi band music got to me. The Big Bad looked really well drawn and animated, juxtaposed from the simply designed characters. You really nailed the earthbound and south park inspirations. I hope to actually watch the other episodes before to understand the full context.

This is real nice work guys! Gotta watch the rest of the series!

A remarkable finale to a series that has been ongoing for so many years. The final battle a little cliche at times but good beats for all the main characters self-actualizing. The visual for Skylar were incredible and the battle/action scenes were a little confusing at times but overall had great energy and pacing giving a lot of weight to everything that has happened.

The ending song could probably use some work, it sounds a little off key but it's a good effort and I think in the future songs will flow more easily. Good post-credits scene as well setting up for potential continuation of the series.

One technical issue is some of the lines are too quiet and are a bit difficult to hear. This is a common issue in a lot of previous episodes that involve certain actors. You could greatly improve your audio by giving those samples a boost, compression and normalisation so all voice samples are audible to a similar level.

I'm considering doing a full review of the series, maybe I will maybe I won't. See what happens. Either way keep up the good work Pallid, you've been doing this for many years and you've improved as a creator immensely.