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Laser Island - Demo

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Laser Island is a premium entertainment for everyone who appreciates puzzle games. 

Play with colors of the laser beam, use portals and move between the boards in multi-level boards.

Free Demo Content:

  • Unique, hand-painted graphics
  • Extensive mechanics
  • 20 basic levels
  • +10 levels with special rules
  • Low hardware requirements

What can you expect in the full version of the game?

  • Difficulty that gives satisfaction
  • Over 300 basic levels
  • Over 150 special levels
  • Missions for each of the level
  • Even more interesting mechanics ...
  • Rewarding achievement system
  • Special items available via in-game currency

We appreciate all feedback.

Use Scroll, 'WS' or 'UP' & 'DOWN' to control map.

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The game has really unfriendly interface and lack of animation. Graphics just look like they're directly from some sort of free asset pack, according to description they're not, but they just look like that for me. I wanted to say that I didn't have sound, but I checked and it's actually there, but it's very quiet compared to other games.

@sexagesimalian yes same thing happened to me and its definitly not my internet

CUTFUJIgames responds:

Unfortunately, I am not able to determine what is the source of the problem, the game is also available on itch.io if there is the same problem for you, I will at least know that it is not the fault of the servers

Is it normal (on Chrome) that I got no game and just a background of leaves and vines in silhouette?

... after 15 minutes...

CUTFUJIgames responds:

Your game probably takes longer to load than expected, this only happens the first time you start it

edit: if the title took so long to load, it must be a problem with a weak internet connection, poor browser performance or bug newgrounds (sometimes it won't load without a reason without restarting the page), the game currently weighs only 11 MB and has been tested on many devices in various places, unfortunately that's not something we can fix.

Not a fan of puzzle game but it's a good game though.
Is it normal that I got no sound on the game ?

edit: Indeed my sound volume was low, sry ^^'

CUTFUJIgames responds:

Sound should normally start after the first click, you could have turned it off in the options, if you didn't do anything and it still doesn't work, let me know, I'll be grateful

edit: I had a small heart attack, but I'm glad that everything works :)