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Author Comments

I know this title is already claimed, I was not aware of the original game while making this one (sorry, i'm just a zoomer i guess) but the original game is so old that i think it's okay for me to keep it, besides it's not like my game is a big deal or anything. And yes, I joined newgrouds mere minutes before posting this. It's a re-upload of the latest and most updated version straight from my itch.io page.


  • In menu - Number keys, Enter
  • In game - WSAD, Mouse


  • The game is meant to be extremely hard. This difficulty level is intended.
  • Powers (Right Click) use up your NRG, that recharges over time. Keep that in mind, when thinking of strats!
  • Everything you need to know about the ships is available to read in the customizations menu!
  • The enemies will remember your previous movements! e.g. if you kill one enemy, the rest will remember how you did it, and will try to adapt to that pattern of movement! (Lasts until the next game, or until the player dies due to certain limitations.)

Now, with that out of the way...

Welcome to DynaBlaster! This was originally a side project of mine to test semi-advanced enemy work-in-groups AI, it went... meh? But I decided to finish this game, and here it is. I can't update this version right now, because i lost my project files (f**k you windows) but i'll see about a remake.

Official lore for DynaBlaster:


You may find more helpful information about the lore there, including information about ship manufacturers, and the canon backstory!

Fun fact: This game was originally called Shooterbox 64.

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This is frankly amazing.
The atmosphere of a modern arcade cabinet is really strong and upfront, and done really well. The ship designs are varied, and I love the small touches like lore, highscore screens and other things which make this play A LOT like an arcade cabinet.
My only niggle is that the CRT filter is too intense and obscures some information, for the sake of accessibility I'd advice you to add an option of "Filtering grain" with a slider from Null to Intense.

This isn't 5 stars because the gameplay loop isn't made for brutal difficulty. I am fine with the idea of dying in one hit, but if you do it, you need to have EXTRA TIGHT CONTROLS and SMALL RESPAWN TIME, which you both neglected to address.
All ships have a noticeable unintuitive delay before firing off their ability, and most of my deaths were just that- shot during the bullshit startup delay. And respawn, while designed okay, takes a tad too much time with the coin sfx and booting you to main menu before replaying again, which is unreasonable in a game there you die in one hit.

Could be a 5 star game easily if you polish it out.

Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2020
12:04 PM EST