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Unitary Exodus

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A ship's AI system investigates the cause of a ship wide computer crash. Will you reconnect the memory system and complete your primary function?


This is an interactive fiction game created in Inky (the web tool version of the Ink language). This is my first game using the language and tool. It has some great quality of life features - but I'm not sure if I'll stick with it for my next project. I've seen some interesting applications of it in Unity - I might look into that.

There is no music currently as there was an issue with the audio on the file.

As always feedback is welcome!

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Really cool twist. Something about playing as a machine made me assume when the game started that the point was to save anyone I could. It didn't occur to me what was really going on until I found out in-game.

One thing that could have been cool would be finding ways to reveal a little more about the surviving crew member; if there's something of a bond that the player makes with him/her over the short time they spend together I think it would make deciding on whether to succeed at your programmed directive a much more difficult and bittersweet choice.

It's a good IF, I like how it manages to tell an interesting story with such a minimal script.

It's a nice, short, choose-your-own-adventure style game.
I liked it, but the text spacing could use a little tweaking. It is a little tedious to scroll down 3 lines of text, and then make a selection when I am looking at a page that is at least 50% blank space.
I don't know if it was a design choice, or just a quirk of the development package that you used, but having blank space above the first line, then auto-scrolling so that the first line is at the top of the screen is a bit jarring, it makes me feel like I've missed something because the scroll-bar isn't at the top, but then I scroll up and there is nothing there.
I guess users on mobile devices who can drag to scroll, or users who have a mouse with a scroll-wheel won't share my complaints, but right now I'm on a laptop with a touch/track pad, and using they keyboard to scroll on Newgrounds is hit-or-miss, half the time the whole page scrolls, moving the game off-screen.
Anyhow, I enjoyed it, now I'm going to go look at the other stuff you have made!

RainyG responds:

Hi! I really appreciate you leaving such a detailed review - its really good to get this kind of feedback.

It was my first time using this kit for interactive fiction and I encountered some issues in the customisation of the story. As it outputs to HTML I was hoping to be able to control spacing/ the movement of text etc. but the format it outputs wasn't the easiest for this. Unfortunately too it doesnt seem like many people use the html export version, so there's not many resources for tips.

That said, I'm currently doing some research into this - if I find fixes for those issues I will definitely update :)

A great text adventure

This was pretty cool; short, but mysterious and thrilling. I got three different endings (museum, success, and sabotage), are there more?

RainyG responds:

Glad you thought it was cool!

Those are the key endings - there are a couple of small variations but once you've seen those - you've got the story!

Thanks for playing :)

Lovely. Needs some music for atmosphere indeed

RainyG responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm going to look to add in some atmosphere music in the next few days

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3.28 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2020
5:14 PM EST
Misc. Kit
  • Inky