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Orcs and Doors

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Orcs and Doors

Defeat Orcs and Collect Treasure in this Infinite Dungeon. Buy the key to reveal the secret door.


Devblog - QuietBenchZen.com

Created for Weekly Game Jam #173 "Secret Door"

I found this to be a pretty difficult genre to complete in a week, so it fell a bit short of my plans despite my having extra time to work on it. I intended to add more enemy types and bosses to differentiate lower floors. I also wanted to make bosses more complex in general. However, all the little systems to get the dungeon up and running ate up all my time so I could only implement one set of enemies and two simple bosses.

I plan to revisit this base and upgrade it to a bigger project in the future. I'd really appreciate feedback on this base version as well as suggestions for the top things you'd like to see improved or added for the upgraded version.


  • 0x72 - Dungeon tileset, animated characters¬†
  • Superdark - Shopkeeper (supplemental pack to 0x72's
  • Clint Bellanger - Gold coins¬†
  • MedicineStorm in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup Package¬†- Key


  • Fantasy Musica - Background Music
  • GameMaster Audio - Shop buy sound, player hit sound
  • EvilMind - All other sounds (weapons, enemies, items, etc)


  • Kenney - Kenpixel

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I think in an endless game did the same level over are over had over almost 400 gold,
but I enjoyed it, hoped for more.

When you move up or down the character always faces right


ranged orcs are almost impossible to kill

This is a really fun game, I think that it is a good dungeon-crawler and it was fun exploring the rooms that were randomly generated. I'd like to see more of this if it gets updated. The katana(? was it a katana?) is probably the best weapon in the game, it can one-shot the large melee orcs and it's fast too.

Only found one bug in this game:

- Movement - A little problem I found in the movement is that whenever the player moves up or down, the character automatically faces to the right. This is very annoying when fighting enemies on the left. Whenever the character moves up or down, it should keep facing the direction that it is already facing.

I do have some suggestions for this game too:

- Player Damage - I find it to be frustrating when the character gets knocked into a corner or into spikes when the player gets hurt since I got locked in place and kept getting staggered by the orc that was pushing me into the corner until I died. I think it would be nice to have something to prevent this like a split second invincibility so the player has a little time to move out of the way and not get stun-locked.

- Spikes - Some orcs stay on top of spikes, which makes it difficult to get to them especially if there are more spikes surrounding the area. I think that the spikes should either hurt them a bit or at least push the orc off the spikes whenever they come up.

I would've loved to see more complexity to the bosses but it's understandable that you weren't able to make them more complex due to time constraints. If you plan to develop this further, I'd really love to see more unique bosses and more variations in equipment other than just weapons.

This game has a good idea, but what you get isn't very good.

I cant seem to hit anything with the sword since who ever animated this didn't create a animation for when you decided to swing up or down.

You can only deal damage from the left or right but the mob's like to go up and down as well so its kinda bad.

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2020
9:35 PM EST