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Missing Exhibits

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Missing Exhibits is a short, retro-looking 3d adventure game.

Some museum items went missing recently. The media suspects some local thieves.

Your task is to keep your eyes on the exhibits during night, while collecting

the trash left by guests.


Mouse: Look

WASD: Move

Space: Jump

Right Click: Turn torchlight on/off

Left click: Use object



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Thanks for the previous feedback.
The game is good but the baboon skeletons are too fast!
I can help you with your game, I know a lot about dinosaurs, just send me a message through the page or contact me in Gmail if you like, I will send you images of the Holotype of the Utahraptor Ostrommaysorum for you to design.
The game needs larger spaces

Love the visuals! very creative; good job!

The visuals are very cool but i feel like the pixelated look should be toned down just a little bit.
Also I wish that enemies cant just one touch you, but that's just me(I'll admit im playing this with a laptop touchpad so it's hard for me to accurately click)

really cool!

blackgobygames responds:

Hello, thank you for the feedback, about the one-hit thing, I was thinking about this too, maybe I should implement a difficulty setter, so the player has some health.