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stop BIDEN from the Whitehouse

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up down arrow keys and left mouse click

plz folow me on ng if u like farts

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ew trumpie
he literally lost get over it

here's the strat: carpet-bomb the incoming waves, become more accurate as the enemies close the distance
this is actually close to what trump did during this term: carpet bomb with idiocy designed to enrage democrats, and started sniping anything that was truly a threat. As in the game, he eventually lost, so don't take it seriously.
Without any sort of walls to build, there is no endgame. Likewise, Trump might have been better building the wall in front of the White house, not Mexico...

as somebody who would suck trumps dick in a heartbeat i gotta say i love this!
TRUMP 2024 TRUMP 2028 TRUMP 2032 TRUMP 2036 TRUMP 2040 TRUMP 2044 TRUMP 2048 TRUMP 2052 TRUMP 2056 TRUMP 2060 TRUMP 2064 TRUMP 2068 TRUMP 2072 TRUMP 2076 TRUMP 2080 TRUMP 2084 TRUMP 2088 TRUMP 2092 TRUMP 2096 TRUMP 2100 TRUMP FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!!!



not the best of quality