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ITCH.IO stopsignal.itch.io/manorvania

(Looks sharper, and comes with fullscreen!)

Short metroidvania where you play as Dracula and try to help your friends, who are mad at you. Also, skeletons.

Made for halloween! In like, two weeks, more or less. It's the biggest project i've ever completed, and the worst time to do so- as i'm kinda being pressured by homework in the last weeks of class. Oops. Never again.

Move with WASD and jump with W or SPACEBAR. Talk to people with E. You can talk multiple times!

DASH with SHIFT or RIGHT CLICK. Attack with Q or CONTROL or CLICK. Aim with the mouse.

Thanks a lot to my friends who helped me inmensely, testing and helping with sounds. Also lots of really kind feedback from people, messaging me telling me the thing looked cool. Thanks guys! You know who you are.

Special credits to:

Bauti777- Made the badass theme, once again, and helped with sounds!

Porkalator- Showered me with sounds!

I hope my kind of written humor isn't *that* bad, but you have been warned!

Hope you like it! <3



I think i'm getting better at HTML 5 ports. And coding, in general, as i didn't need to fix too much for the port!

Felt really compelled to port it as you guys have been AMAZING with the feedback. Love you newgrounds!!

Edit: fixed and oopsie with debug items!

Edit 2: Thanks so much for the people who decided to donate a little bit and buy the game! It gives me a huge morale boost and makes me really happy, so thanks!!! I'm happy as long as people play the game and enjoy! (:

Edit 3: Added more keybinds, and more tutorial explanations. Added an actual reason to hunt down the ghosts. Fixed the background (i hope) which would bug out on some people. I still hope you download the game if it doesn't run very well here, as it runs great on the executable, hahaha

Edit 4 electric boogaloo: Fixed the sound, i think. Some compression problems made it crackle when played too long. Also, now the talking tips should be seen again!

I don't think i'll edit this again, i really need to concentrate on school now. Thanks for playing!!

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Im so stuck Help

great game! its fun has a great theme to it, you move a nice pace, the character interactions are funny the scythe is quick and efficient. the areas are all designed well around the items and upgrades. my only complaint is the back tracking but that's a minor thing. and i love how its like a castle vania game but you play as a vampire its like the anti-castle vania.

dis is good

dude, trail of pigs was awesome but THIS, this is amazing. i'm a big fan of anything spooky and this just hits it on the spot. i wish i could give it a higher rating

I really love this, the artwork and dialogue is adorable! I just really hate using WASD lol