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Shadee S Shadohey and the Isles of Woe!

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Author Comments

An rpg maker game idea I had for a little while, barely got it ready for Halloween though, but here it is! I hope you guys enjoy it and I also hope there aren't any major glitches or anything! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!

Also arrow or WASD keys to move, (The mouse works too!)

Just a quick heads up if you guys happen to find any other potential glitches or bugs feel free to comment them! I'll try my best to deal with them quickly!! :D (Thanks again in advance!!)

Pg up to toggle the minimap!

The controls can also be changed in the options!

X to call a menu and Z to select

Also sorry again for the hassle, turns out rpgmaker MV is super picky with filenames :S

Also I did a more thorough playthrough and found a few more glitches so hopefully those have been mainly cleared up for now!

Happy belated Halloween!

Also just another heads up added the values of exactly how much HP and MP would change when certain weapons and armor would get equipped!

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It's really good, except my characters keep randomly losing HP and MP for no reason.

SpeedWaveX responds:

Oh my :o Well I've been trying to see if it's potentially something that has to do with either the armor or the weapons but so far what I've noticed is there's a passive effect on the vampire equipment that should be causing healing. As well as for MP the only thing I can think of that's causing it to decrease would be the use of certain attacks that require MP. Although equipping certain equipment and weapons will give greater boosts to HP and MP but unfortunately those bonuses also mean more potions and healing is required. I'll try to see if I can update the descriptions to mention that fact that the HP and MP value will also increase depending on which equipment is equipped!

Thanks again for you feedback!! :D

Bug report-
paralyze prevents death. Permaloop with the skeletons in the abandoned forest of paralyzing breath keeping you paralyzed and nobody dying at 0 hp.

SpeedWaveX responds:

Thank you for the bug report and heads up!! I looked into the skeletons and found out exactly why no one happened to be dying at 0 hp with the skeletons, turns out there was a 25% chance of their attacks causing immortality that only lasted during battle. :o (It's been dealt with and that shouldn't happen anymore (hopefully!)) As well as for the paralyze loop, the paralysis effect shouldn't last more than 1 turn now and can also be more easily dispelled by attacks.

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2020
8:51 PM EDT
  • RPG Maker