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No More Gods

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In a place beyond our understanding, outside of the realms of time, universes are born.

You follow Pythian, universe researcher, who must now retire the universe he has been studying. See the last remnants of life in his universe before he retires it to create another.


The gameplay is part interactive exhibit and part narrative adventure. It reflects on the ideas of survival, endings and meaning . The game features 7 "entities", each with a unique ending card, 9 music tracks (from a first time .mod artist lol) and 8 locations.

No More Gods was built in GBStudio - all development, art and music by RainyG.

All feedback and reviews welcome!




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Please tell how you make it playable on brovser? I make gb studio games to and I don't know how to make it. (sory my english is maybe litle broken :-)

And your game is nice i love it :-)

RainyG responds:

Thanks for the review! Its been a while since I've made anything so I'll need to double check - will DM you!

Yoooo, this game is amazing! I love it! Some things i didn't understood very well, but, it still awesome!

RainyG responds:

Thanks for the review - glad you liked it!

Lots of great ideas in here, it's like a single existential question being answered from a bunch of unique angles at once. My favourite alien race was Flock, I thought it was kind of chilling to think about a race that lives in a Noah's Ark style world where the flood never subsided.

The music could use some work. If you're trying to get the classic GB vibe I'd recommend taking some time to learn about how audio chips used to simulate multiple instruments. The short single riffs got repetitive pretty quickly.

I really like the art of the alien species. Each one felt unique and like they had their own visual reason for being the way they were. Also, the different terrain for every location was great, it really made every location feel special.

I noticed that the hit-box of the player is out of sync with a bunch of objects in the world, and there's something weird going on with the player sprite that makes it flip at an angle that isn't straight down the middle.

Writing's good too, gives a classical narration without ever spending too much time with exposition.

Plenty of good stuff here, Rainy, I can tell that you're improving from project to project.

i loved it, i'm a sucker for this kind of miniature exploration of desolate worlds and creatures, it almost feels like studying various SCPs, i only wish it was longer

RainyG responds:

Glad you enjoyed! There are definitely themes I would like to revisit from this, so there very well might be a longer version at some point.

Whats an SCP?

lot of pottential, hope you know what I mean