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Happy Halloween 2020, and with another year comes another animation horror loop! (this time with a twist) Would you believe I animated this back in February and due to learning new animation techniques I had to do it all over again in half of the desired time? This has been a stressful thing to pull off but man am I so happy with the final outcome and I hope you are too (yes, you. The one reading this. Nice t-shirt by the way, looks great)

Overall I am super happy with how this looks and as always am super grateful for getting to work with the talented voice actors involved! So I must say thank you so much to Nick Senny for the voice of the man and Tiny Mike for the voice of the monster, you both went above and beyond with the detail you put into your recordings along with doing so many of my weird requests. Also a special thank you to Don (no clue what your last name is dude) from flashgitz for the animation training montage he gave to make this possible.

Lord knows if im gonna do another animation like this next month, but we'll see. In the meantime, enjoy what will probably be the best thing ive made. Full HD version can be seen on my youtube:


Happy spooky month everyone!

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Dang dude the level of quality here is superb

You know, if I was living with a parasite like this, I’d either go insane or we’d be good friends.

BoyPorcelain responds:

im pretty sure stockholm syndrome is in part insanity so, really there's no way out.

Dude it's deceptive just how many moving pieces are going on here to make this work. It's practically engineering at this point. Totally amazing.

I especially love the background.

BoyPorcelain responds:

Yeah, theres a lot of small things behind the scenes that I'm sure arent really noticed by most... Thank you though, just wish i had more time as always! :)

super crazy

Great job !!!