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You're in a room with dirty dishes that you need to wash.

Made for Disc Room Game Jam

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A little too much of everything all at once, but otherwise a very fun and interesting concept.

(POV : You are doing dishes for the scientists in Disc Room)

Wish it had music, But it's still a very well polished experience that's a nice timekiller as well.

Quite fun and challenging!

It's ok. Gives you a good rush. But some instructions in the description, since I can't go back to the menu and I don't want to reload, would be nice. I'm still unfamiliar about why I'm losing, but I understand the objective of how to play. But when I know how to play but not how to lose, then there is a problem.

It's a good game, with a very creative concept, but it has issues. Even though there's rules to the plates' movements, it's nonsensical at its roots, and they are far too fast for the player. There is an additional extremely limited time constraint for every plate.

This doesn't work out too well.

You're always trying to intercept plates, but sometimes a square whose path you're trying to get in will decide it wants to go the other way around, actually, and in that fun little twist you lose about 10 seconds of every deadline. Of course, you could try to chase other plates while you wait for the square, but the hitboxes can be sometimes finicky, and you aren't that manouverable- if you aim for two things you usually just lose both.

Except for the hitboxes, though, I guess it's debatable if those are problems; the game is hard, and a single playthrough, or even ten, will not give the player time to learn the ropes very well. However, making a game hard is a choice, and I found this one more and more fun the more I played.

The only thing I can't abide is that if the room is full, a plate you need to deliver may not spawn at all until you have three seconds to deliver it. You can corner yourself into unavoidable death, and that just feels cheap. It's very easy to slide there, too, since if you mess up, every dish will become messier and more dangerous, and you can never quite recover- making the game more chaotic and harder to play well. So, I'd really like a way to boost a player in trouble. Maybe make dishes under ten seconds red, and if there are more red dishes than white, make the chef run faster.

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2020
6:20 AM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio 2