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Little Maddie Dear

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Author Comments

DISCLAIMER: This game contains mentions of dark and heavy topics. Viewer discretion is advised.

Originally made for the Kill the Cutie game jam but we thought to include the game for NG's Spooktober too. This game takes inspiration of the story from Fran Bow and some game mechanics of Darkwood. It wasn't originally meant to be deployed in HTML5 so it may be slow during cutscenes or there may be a slight delay in audio (especially at the very start, give a little time until the audio kicks in for it to finish loading the intro). For smoother gameplay, you can download the game files here.

Maddie will need all the help she can get to reach the Attic.

Take your time.



Find all the hidden NPCs to get an alternate ending.




Arrow keys to move

Enter/Space/Z to interact with items or fast forward dialogue

Alternatively use Mouse to move and interact

Esc/X to cancel or pause the game

Shift to use the Lantern

1 to Run

2 to Scream

3 to Heal


All unmentioned sound effects are in the public domain or are stock assets from RPG Maker MV. The music for the final sequence is The Bogeyman Cometh, by Marckel, made from sources in the public domain.

RPG Maker plugins used:

Yanfly Engine Plugins








  ZE - Key Mapper







NOTE: The game only runs on Windows. It has not been tested for Mac or Linux.

EDIT: Nov. 8 update notes:

+ Minor dialogue fixes.

+ Relocated some of the monster.

+ Increased save points in storage, kitchen and attic.

+ Changed the color of HP bar to match Strawberry Candy.

+ Now all pictures are shown when Maddie acquired them.

+ Nerfed the Bogeyman slightly.

+ Decreased the damage of Phantom's attack (The Tall man).

+ Fixed the bug where sometimes Maddie can go behind the Bogeyman.

+ Decreased chests containing The Things.

+ Increased chests containing Blueberry Candies.

+ Decreased chests containing Strawberry Candies.

+ Added chests containing Photos (pictures of maps).

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I really liked what of the game I got through, but it can be unintuitive and overpunishing, from the tall man onward.

Sometimes you find an enemy and don't even have time to react before getting hit. And if you wander a lot (which you will, even if you're not trying to get everything, because the map is very confusing most of the time and has almost no sense of direction) you'll start to lose stamina, which you have only finite refills of. Because of this, I found myself getting hit on purpose, as it lost me less HP than stamina and I had more strawberry candies than blueberry candies.

The kitchen was a mess. I found the twins first of anything, together with the scribble, but couldn't figure out how to talk to them for the life of me. Then I died. WITHOUT finding the save point. In the last level you could not save by the exit, so I had to replay it far more than was enjoyable. Three or four runs later, I found the save point, ate all the rotten meals for Princess Teddy, ate the good meal and breathed a sigh of relief as I saved. I still hadn't found the exit, or a way to talk to the twins.

Eventually I decided to wander aimlessly until I died. Thus, I reached the exit, which apparently can only be found by wading through toxins. The next level was, of course, bigger and harder to navigate, and prompts me to avoid the bogeyman by listening for him. Of course, knowing the bogeyman is coming does nothing at all, as I cannot stun him and can barely escape him unless there's a table nearby or I get lucky and run somewhere he doesn't find me. Quite frankly, I don't want to make the effort to beat the last level without being able to find the happy ending.

I really liked the story and the atmosphere, it's a perfect little halloween piece. Deathly hugs and screaming to stun the nightmares are amazing ideas. But the gameplay wound up hurtting them badly.

Marckel responds:

Hi Snailsnip! Thanks for the review! I should clarify first of all that the game is not meant to be a breeze in the park. Inspired from Darkwood, Little Maddie Dear is meant to test your reaction speed and observation skills. Using strawberry candies instead of blueberry ones is a strategy on its own I would say, as I playtested the levels myself by charging through harder enemies like the tall phantom. I agree that the maps may be confusing though, we'll keep that in mind for later games.

Here's a hint for beating the new monsters on levels 4 and 5: Check out what the drawings given for each of them at the start of the levels say. I believe it will mention something to do with darkness. It might have to do with a feature introduced at the start that is otherwise unused ;)

And for level 4, the teddies are searching for a particular item hidden behind a locked door. You will need to do quite a thorough exploration of the map I'm afraid.

Hope it helps. Thanks for playing!

I found this pretty dang impressive! I'm not one for these RPG Maker games typically, but this one seemed so custom-built that you could barely tell it was built from it initially, so kudos on that! Really cool and intriguing presentation and theme: I got really hooked into it and wanted to see where it went! Love the weird little dialogues with the characters as well that had a real Darkwood feeling to them. Some aspects of the game were a little confusing, like how despite every other item, like the drawing, having a descriptive label, the candies don't. Would help also to be able to see/know what items were interactable or not: some items like the meal were shining, but I was surprised to see I could interact with the inconvenient tree and pushing boxes. Also, I felt like the inclusion of some meme stuff, like the yaranaika pumpkin, for me, wasn't good since it took me out of the spooky experience: I can understand wanting to get some jokes in to lighten the mood or what-have-you, but I thought you did a good job building up the horror so it kinda shot itself in the foot with that. Also, I wasn't sure if keeping the lantern on was a good or bad thing? You can turn it on or off, but I wasn't sure if there was a reason, like if it helps not let enemies detect you or something.

Marckel responds:

Hi Futurecop! Thanks for the review! I'm so glad the Darkwood inspiration shows through, I really love that game. Sorry for the memes all over the place, that was partially stress relief due to all the rushing we had to do to finish the game in a month. The lantern is incredibly vital in stages 4 and 5! The mechanics for the two new monsters in those areas are heavily reliant on it.

Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2020
12:59 PM EDT
  • Audacity
  • Krita
  • FireAlpaca
  • MediBang Paint Pro
  • RPG Maker MV

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