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Touhou Fangame ~ The Mirror's Illusion

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Author Comments

Thank you for checking my 7th touhou fangame!


# Lady Kanako told Sanae one day that Aya had seen Suwako in a forest near the human village.This came as a surprise because she didn't used to leave the shrine and go that far!Because of this Sanae was sent to find out wether this information was correct or not. The rest is in the game.


# You can move either with the arrows or WASD. 

# You shoot enemies with either with X or K. 

# You focus (go slower) either with Z or J. 

# You can use a bombs either with C or L. 

#  Press SPACE to activate a Special Mini Bomb.

   (Each character has a different Special Mini Bomb) 

#  Collect Point (P) items to increase the value of the score (S) items! 

#  Collect Score (S) items to increase your score! 

#  Collect Bomb (B) items to increase your Bombs!

   (Each character has a different Bomb) 

#  Every Live has 100 Health Points,  if your Health is bellow 1 you will lose a

    life and if you lose all your lives it's Game Over!

#  Collect Health (H) items to increase your Health!

#  There are Bad Health items that decrease your Health!!! 

#  In the Practice Stage Selection there's a hidden Manual!

   Definatelly check it out!  


#  The Main game is set for difficulties EASY -> HARD where as the Extra game 

    is set for difficulties LUNATIC -> PHANTASM. There is no difficulty selection

     you will have to go through all of them to beat the game! 

#  Alice is also playable after some point in the 4th stage. 

#  You can find information about the stages in the Practice mode and you can 

    play all main Stages there but not the Extra.

#  You can press 0 at any time to get a Game Over and return to the menu.

#  If you are in a hurry you can press 1 on the menu and unlock the Extra mode.

#  Check data from the meu to find information like who has the best score or

    how long you have been playing ect.

---Other Information-------------------------------------------------------------------------

#  Touhou project belongs to Team Shanghai Alice (Zun)

#  Music was composed By SV.

#  The characters were redrawn by SV,

   Originals belong to Team Shanghai Alice (Zun).

#  SV's characters belong to SV, Zun's character's belong to Zun.

#  Official touhou website: http://www16.big.or.jp/~zun/

#  Other pictures in game were drawn by SV.

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this is the coolest game i have seen

I really enjoyed this game! beat the main story on my first try, as well as the extra stage, haven't beaten the phantasm yet or any of the additional challenges. (died on the second to last spell-card of the phantasm, its prob cus I didn't use many bombs and instead just focused on the graze breaks for main defense.) (I very much like the HP approach to the game compared to the official touhou games, it's different and allows you to go more crazy in the game in terms of difficulty and not have it be too painful for the players.)

The music kind of grew on me the more I listened to it, at first I didn't like it but the songs just kept getting better lol favorite song was the stage 3 B theme its jammin' hard!

Alot of the art could be changed up tho/ done a bit better but it still looks really good in its style,
only real complaint about the art is when swapping from Sanae and allice its a bit jarring since Sanae uses a sprite while Alice is an original artwork. (oh that and marassa's foot in the phantasm stage, looks really off...)

I also really did like the story of the game, when playing i didn't shoot at Marassa because I didn't feel like she deserved to be punished if it was a mistake, tho Alice had other plans...
(Oh by the way I've been playing this from like 3:50 AM to 5 AM lol, what an amazing time to focus on bullet hell gameplay)

(Ps do you upload your music somewhere? I'd love to check more of it out/ listen to it on free time!)

(Hope your games in unity are just as good as your games you've made in scratch, this is godlike!)

VGE-SV responds:

Thanks for playing and writting this! I have uploaded some of my older music tracks here if you are interested: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/30529793/
Sadly I have yet to finish my first unity game, but it is progressing. I am still focused on making games with scratch untill I finish university and have more time to learn how to make better games. I will consider your feedback in my future projects.

I was quite suprised by the game being made in Scratch, but i actually liked the game and had a good time with it (even tho Alice's player sprite looked a bit odd to me at first).
It was still fun tho.

This is really good for a scratch game


Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2020
5:34 PM EDT
  • Scratch 3