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The Hit On Hallows' Eve

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edit: YO! shoutout to whoever got me on the frontpage, I can now die happy!

edit 2: increased run speed and difficulty

Happy Halloween Boys!

If you're digging the sick jams be sure to check out the credits page to find the ones responsible for such fiendish tracks! (spoiler alert: they're all Newgrounds talent)

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NANI !!!

wow thats amsing

The running & shooting parts were pretty fun, but the level layouts were a bit disorienting.
I think some variations between rooms, even just a change in the floor colors, could make a huge difference for navigation.

great shooter, could use a better visual presentation though.

There are some issues. I often found myself kinda confused on which room I was in. So you could flesh out the room and floor designs and make them a bit distinct, that would go hand in hand with improving the visuals which are too simple.

Sometimes when you enter trough the stairs it can place you outside the playing field on the other end. I guess you can fix this by forcing it to place you in a fixed position in front of the stairs rather than whichever side the player came in through.

The sound effects could use a bit more work. The hit sound for example is too loud and becomes grating after a while, plus it just doesn't sound right (A bullet hit shouldnt have a punch sound effect)

The visuals are too basic and generic, The rooms look too repetitive and each floor looks the same aside from the color shift. Plus the energetic electronic music dont match too well with the bland graphics, I guess some decorations, shadows, better animations, prettier UI and post processing effects would do the work.

I suppose all these issues come from trying to complete the game before halloween starts but you can add them all later if you truly want a better fuller game. I still maintain that its a very fun game, I dont usually finish NG games this long but it got me sticking around cause the gameplay is engaging. Overall great game!

pretty neat top down shooter

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2020
2:21 AM EDT
  • Unity
  • Procreate
  • Audacity
  • Paint.net