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Lab Breakout

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Author Comments

This is my first attempt at a puzzle game made with Unity. In this game you play as a lost scientist who clicks buttons to manipulate doors and other aspects of the room around you, all in an effort to escape from a lab. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move, and when in front of a button press z to activate it.

EDIT: Thank you so much to everyone who has left criticism and their thoughts on Lab Breakout in the comments, and thanks to everyone who's tried it! I've updated the game two days after release to address a few of the glaring mistakes and poor design decisions, mostly fixed in a newer version.

As of the now the new version has changed/added the following features

  • You can now restart any given level at anytime using the R button if you get stuck
  • Made it so every button shows how many inputs it can take before reverting back to zero
  • Fixed a design oversight on level seven where you could not do anything if you didn't give a certain input before going through a teleporter (note this was before easy level restarts)
  • Gave the player a minor speed boost to quicken play and make the character feel less sluggish.

Thanks again to everyone who's played it so far!

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You've got the start of a good concept here. It doesn't look like much, but everyone knows programmer art is rarely presentable enough for a release version. The scientist looks pretty good, though.

The controls are a little unresponsive. The grid-based movement makes sense for this kind of game, but the scientist's start-and-stop motion makes me feel like I'm pushing a heavy boulder around the level. There's also no reason he couldn't move faster; puzzle games by their nature tend to be fairly slow-paced, but once I know where I want the scientist to go I want him to get there quickly, if you see what I mean. Also I noticed that standing next to the buttons wasn't sufficient to push them and I instead had to run into them in order for the game to know which button I was pushing, which to me raised the question of why I can't just run into the button to press it rather than having to press Z.

You have a pretty good grasp of level design in my opinion. I didn't get stuck until several levels in when I entered a room with a purple teleporter but no means of actually turning it on, which is a shame because at that point I had been under the impression you'd gone to great lengths to avoid creating a situation where the player could trap themselves like that. Even dying would have been preferable to a soft lock, but whatever, it's forgivable for an early demo.

Spice up the levels with some scenery. It will provide some idea of context, create a sense of the scientist's location and ideally build an atmosphere like this is a place where people work and possibly where something has gone down that the scientist is trying to escape, maybe even build a real narrative or a story to add some motivation to the puzzles.

This is a pretty basic game, but I can see that you've got some good ideas here so I'm gonna give you a solid 3 stars. Lick of paint, buff out some places, and you'll have yourself a pretty decent amateur game project.

KublaiKhann responds:

Thank you so much for your in depth thoughts and opinions!!! It really helps me out a ton. Great feedback overall, I really appreciate you playing it and telling me what you think!

its got some good core gameplay but requires more polish. ajustable movement speed, a level selection and saving would be nice. as for the art, maybe a better thumbnail but other than that the art is ok.

KublaiKhann responds:

Thanks for the honest opinion and for playing it! Really means a lot to me.

Cute! Mr Science Man needs a bit of a speed up in his walking. Not too much, but he is kind of slow. I noticed I was pressing harder on the keys trying to make him go faster. The puzzle level ramp up seems good though so far!

KublaiKhann responds:

Thank you for the feedback and praise! I love your profile pic and name!

Cool little game!

KublaiKhann responds:


Good concept. I liked the increasing challenge of the levels. Don't know how many levels you have, but I think I made it through 10+. The portals were a nice feature. Movement of avatar was fine, but at times I felt I was tapping down real hard to activate the white blocks. Overall, not bad.

KublaiKhann responds:

Thank you for your thoughts, helps me out a bunch!

Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2020
3:58 PM EDT
  • Unity