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Not Quite Ghost

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Breach 10 Points

Complete level 5.

Pressure Plate 25 Points

Complete level 10.

Evil 50 Points

Complete level 15.

Garden 50 Points

Complete level 20.

Afterlife 100 Points


Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Thanks for the frontpage!


Free yourself from the shackles of the living world and reach the afterlife.


Executable - https://healliesgames.itch.io/not-quite-ghost


  • STATIC and DYNAMIC graphics mode.
  • Auto-restart when caught by evil spirits.
  • Fixed music stop on ending.


This game was conceived to be both a puzzle / labyrinth experience for casuals, an exploration for completists and a "race against time" for speedrunners.

Had quite fun experimenting with this mechanic, hope you enjoy too!

I apologize in advance for any framerate issues (because on HTML5 lags also to me).

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gain a little extra speed when run in same direction long enough will be a solution of slow game pace.

by the way can I have a hint how to get the hidden medal lol

HealliesGames responds:

Level 0 is what you're looking for!

Game does get pretty interesting once you get into it later on with the whole creation of stripes of null-space that you can shift through, but before that (and I'd say maybe even still after that) the game is kind of just a slog of slooooowly moving around a giant map that never changes in any significant way between levels to pick up tiny little jack-os. Game just gave me eye-strain with the constant flickering lights and the way too tiny jack-os and how everything is a shade of brown/orange so it all blends together. I hated finding ghosts as well because their little 'silent movie' pop-ups vibrated too fast for me. Sorry I'm sounding like such an oldie, haha. Was kind of silly that you could kill yourself with a null-space stripe and the game wouldn't acknowledge it: it'd just keep going until you manually restart yourself. Probably the most fun I had in the game, ironically, was when I used the stripe mechanic to quickly speed through the level: maybe the mechanic could be revived in a different genre from this scavenger hunt into a more speedy chase type game? Eh, maybe I'm just too much of an adrenaline junky and this wasn't my bag: very interesting ideas though!

The little ghost is adorable, nut it moves a little slow, the controls or the objective where never explained, only saw the text boxed with the fisrt ghost and at the start of the game.
good game tho

HealliesGames responds:

Thank you, ElCatrinLCD!
I still think the move speed in relation to map size is right.

The thing I miscalculated is the actual interaction you have with the map: more elements and less emptiness could have resolved the slowness feeling.

No explanation what the contols are. It takes 30 to 60 seconds for the text boxes to disappear, no way am I going to wake up every single ghost since Snaily McSlow-ghost can't run.

HealliesGames responds:

The text should disappear after some seconds.
Be sure cookies are enabled in your browser, especially if you're playing it in anonymous window.

Those strange problems happens for this reason.

(EDIT) EDIT: Oh, it takes so much time for lag I suppose, the duration is 4 seconds. I didn't use delta-time.
I suggest Windows version in that case, or try the STATIC graphics mode.

Very enjoyable atmosphere and music, I like the little ghost character. Only thing is that I am stuck on level 3 and can't figure out what to do after ripping a hole in the space-time continuum. That aside it's a pretty solid game.

HealliesGames responds:

Breaches "delete" the part of level selected.
You can open them both dragging mouse horizontally or vertically, for skip walls and other purposes.

Be sure to stay out when creating, because you'll be deleted too.

Glad you enjoyed the artistic aspect and thanks for feedback, justhuman963!

Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2020
12:19 PM EDT
  • Aseprite
  • GameMaker Studio 1.4