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Sonic Papercraft Adventures: Halloween Fright Fight

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It's Halloween and Sonic & Chip are out trick-or-treating when all of a sudden they find themselves in a big fight!

This video is a parody of the Mania Papercraft Adventures series that the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel has been posting. It was SO fun to make! A HUUUGE shoutout to JessePajamas for scoring the entire video! Thanks, my man!!

A huge special thanks to my patrons on Patreon:



Jay Bentley

Husky-Leaf Studios


Moist Eggs


Bryan Rooke


Miles the Prower

Derek Eaton

Scarlet Stardust





Jasmine Sharpe

Ian Anoan

LucasThe ArtisticBoi

Ben Dover

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This was very good! I like how their heads was bobbing to the music. Great work

This should really be 5 stars man... Mugi is so slept on! HE USES MS PAINT FOR GODS SAKE! So please at least drop 5 stars man! Mugi fantastic job like always bro :)

This is so awesome. I love how everything is synced to the beat! Hard to imagine how much different some games would've been if the go-to transformation for bosses was the Werehog instead. I don't think it would've been effect on Mephiles regardless, as he's one of the faster bosses... Not that it really matters when you can phase through walls and fly

I've mixed feelings of cringe, praise, but primarily entertainment. The sound fit the genesis era, somehow you had the voice clips lining up with the beats, clearly a lot of work went into the papercraft, this is one of those things I'm going to secretly enjoy but never share with others lmao.