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Mario meets Steve

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Frick you got me at the end.

cursed but gg


Ohayou gozaimasu,
I am Masahiro Sakurai, from SORA Ltd.
Today I'd like to introduce the latest Super Smash bros DLC fighter pass character, Shrek from 'Shrek Fairytale freakdown' for the Gameboy color.

As always, I'd like to remind everyone that I do not choose the DLC characters. A few months ago Nintendo approached me and said "Mr. Sakurai, can you put Shrek into the game?" I thought to myself, it is impossible, he is a Dreamworks movie character and does not fit into the Smash Bros universe, so I replied "Yes, I will do it" 6 months later, here we are.

*Mr Sakurai goes on to detail Shrek's moveset*
So as you can see, Donkey is essential in order to control Shrek's rage meter.
As you saw in the announcement trailer, Shrek's final smash is "Credits Dance Party"
Shrek summons lots of fairly tale characters to have a big dance party as the credits roll. So many characters...Please don't flood my inbox to add any of them as fighters please.

Well that about wraps things up...wait, aren't I forgetting something?
*Mr.Sakurai reaches into his couch revealing a Shrek Amiibo*

That's right, Even Shrek will be getting his own Amiibo figure. The one I'm holding is the first of its kind, (If only it were the last) you can really see the detail in all of his filth, I think they captured Shrek's likeness at the very least.

*Sakurai sniffs*
Onions. It smells like Onions.

Just as Shrek is our first movie character, he is also our first scented Amiibo. Subsequent Amiibos of existing characters will now come scented as well. Now you can find out what your favorite Smash Bros character smells like. Ugh, just don't smell Wario.

*Mr. Sakurai makes a look of disgust*

And that concludes our presentation for today, Both Shrek and the Lord Farquaad and Gingerbread man Mii costumes will be available for purchase on December 22nd. If you already have the fighters pass, you will receive the update automatically for free.

That is all for Director Sakurai,

*Mr.Sakurai Waves*

Thank you for watching.