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My first game

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This is my first game i made everything exept the music, i got my music from open game art. Leave som feedback i want to get better at game design.

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YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG ITS TAKING ME TO BEAT THIS 😭 good job for your first game tho :D


marui32 responds:

Ahaah thats good that you beaten it. I hope that you had a good time. Thanks for your feedback.

Nice job! I quite enjoyed this game. The movement worked well for me, although the avatar is a bit floaty, but that goes nicely with the mellow background music. I hope you make more levels and more games.

marui32 responds:

Thanks a lot. I am currently am working on another game that is a platformer shooter, hope you check that out when it comes. Thanks for your feedback to it mean the world to me

Hi. I really liked your game. Could you tell me, in which code language did you make this? Thanks!

marui32 responds:

I used a language called gdscript. It is like python. You can use gdscript only on the godot game engine.

okay, you asked to get some feedback here. i am giving positive criticism.
lets start with the cons.
1. the art is displeasing to look at
2. the character sprite looks disproportionate
3. the font is an abomination to look at, a little harder to read
4. the art style doesnt go well
5. you dont use original music
6. the physics are horrible
1. this is actually pretty good for your first game
2. you animate well on ugly sprites

marui32 responds:

Thanks for your feedback. The font was very terrible because i didnt know i could make my own font so i had to draw the letters out every time. The art is a littlebit hard but i am trying. Thanks for your feedback it means the world to me.

Hey, I've been wanting to upload my first game to newgrounds for a while, but when i publish it, it just doesnt load. Can you please tell me how you did it? Is it maybe that i used Unity Engine to make it? What engine did you use?

marui32 responds:

I use the godot game engine. I have never used the unity game engine so i dont know how you upload games. But you should search on youtube how to export in unity html5 or somthing like that. Hope you find it out

Credits & Info

2.19 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2020
8:42 AM EDT

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