Half Beard HD Special

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Siblings episode 4: Half beard

Rob shaves half of his beard off in an effort to quicken the shaving process. Johny must try to keep Rob from embarrassing him, which proves to be a difficult task. Containing insanity is never easy.

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It feels so good to be able to do this animation justice. This is episode 4, Half Beard, in HD! Finally, no longer will you have to watch it all fuzzy and whatnot. It looks crisp and clean, like it was in the flash version. Good stuff. I also stuffed this to the brim with goodies. Full songs, extra sounds, and the entire scrapbook narrated by Half Beard himself.

For those curious, I will be posting all episodes of Siblings in HD in the same manner in the coming months. Once all are done, if my Patron count goes up considerably, I may decide to continue the series by making new episodes. I already have two brand new concepts, so it's highly possible. If you want to see it happen, consider helping support my work. Thanks!

If you want copies of the images in question (Half Beard Happy and Angry), go to my Patreon page for free downloads of the images. https://www.patreon.com/posts/half-beard-of-42578114

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My CHILDHOOD! Or more like my Uni years, but STILL! XD

Awesome! What a blast from the past.

Man, the nostalgia! Nice throwback classic!

Classic video.

Ah Rob I love watching these. What a throw back