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Author Comments

Merge as many numbers as you can before running out of actions!

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Nice game, the only problem is that resets my progress everytime I close and reopen it.

Edit: I mean I have to restart from level one everytime I refresh, collapse, or close the window. I've done what you said, but it hasn't helped, so the problem might be on my end.

MeowerlordGames responds:

Thank you for the review and rating! :)

How are you closing the game? Progress within a level may be lost if you just close the tab in your browser! To "save" mid-level, either go back to the main menu before closing the tab, or complete the level - highscores should be saved! If you see any odd behaviour there, please let me know!

Huh, interesting! Do you run any script blockers/website data or cookie deleters that may get overzealous? Does this problem happen with other games? Thank you for testing it again!

I don't really understand the mechanics of this game, just saying, but Math is Fun!!! Or should I say incremental math is fun....zencremental? It's a little hard for my level of zen. But I like the combining of like numbers and the way this game flows. I am playing on the baby easy level and made it to the second level. (Not so easy, hehe.) The serpentine design of level 2 with the bubbles that cannot be manually clicked added to the skill level. I think there should be more points for connecting bubbles. E.g. combining 3 10's gets ONE POINT? Give more of a bonus as an incentive to keep playing. At this rate, it seems to be a + and - wash most of the time. Even though I find this game to be quite hard, I am enjoying playing it. :)

Edit: Upon subsequent plays, I am feeling like I'm finding a groove here....not quite "zen" yet, but I am making progress. Nice theme. (I just combined to get 3 12's - now that should be worth some more points, for sure. :)

Thanks for your comments! I just finished level 2. Wow! Starting crazy 8 level 3...I just gotta say, you are brilliant. Hoes does that mechanic even work??? Woohooo! This game does have a learning curve. But you are one smart cookie!

Thank you for making this smart game! :)

MeowerlordGames responds:

Thank you for the detailed feedback and nice words! :)
The game is supposed to take a few tries for some levels. Getting only one move from combining 3 numbers is by design though! There is a better way out of this situation, but a bit harder to figure out ;)

This is very fun, but there should be a way to make up for small numbers in between huge ones other than throwing all your numbers at it

MeowerlordGames responds:

the curse and joy of RNG ;D thank you so much for playing/rating and taking the time to comment!

If you run out of points after a move, then gain points, sometimes you still get a game over.
This glitch was found in the first level

EDIT: Also, maybe give out a bonus for getting more than two connected at a time.

MeowerlordGames responds:

Thank you for playing/rating the game and reporting this glitch! Will definitely investigate!

Maybe you were far into the level and you did make a combination earning back one point, but you needed more than one for any further matches? The text on the game over screen should then say "No more matches!" instead of "Out of actions", but I can see how this is confusing!

I like the concept... Came to level 3 so far, really takes some time, but that’s fine – it’s part of the game :-)

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2020
9:25 AM EDT