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Sweet Pea (Improving)

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~Teaser~New Version Oct 30th~!

Test Play an Updated Version~More to come on the 30th~

Practice Game Jam to help me move the game along

Practice Jam - I am entering it into-


  • Movement = Left or Right Arrows / A or D
  • Jump => Up or Down / W or S

Jump with Double Jump

Something I put together in my spare time, wanted to make something my girlfriend would like :) so far so good. I will let you know how it goes. Also let me know what you liked or would like to see fixed not on my list already =)

10 peace signs are hidden around. once collected if you continue to play over to the left a purple box will appear. once touching it and pressing Space bar you will be teleported to a random location back onto the map. Simple. so far.

!@# Known BUGZ #@!


  • At start textures don't play {Quick Fix -get a game over and try again}
  • No Kickback from enemy
  • Can get You Win and Game over at the same time
  • Lives may glitch past negative

~Future Fixes: SFX, Music, Animation(other than idle), Better UI, different peas, story, adding levels.

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not neat(nice update with the other one tho)

JollyJo3 responds:

Thank you, this is the first time putting it together. I am using everything I have learned so far. :) I can't wait to make the boss battle.

prety good

JollyJo3 responds:

Awesome! I am glad you liked playing, I am going to work on it for a practice jam I am in. Hopefully a better version coming soon! Thank you again for playing!

A pretty good game

JollyJo3 responds:

Thank you so much! I am having fun trying new things, seeing what feels fun. I will make the level a little longer but most of it was made in a day so I can't wait to put more into it!

I won with a score of 10 and -47 lives! Definitely very bare bones at the moment, but the graphics/ animations are nice and this has potential. Zoomed in perspective puts me in mind of a Sega Game Gear. Hope your girlfriend likes it!

JollyJo3 responds:

Like I said, it isn't even close to done. But I am having fun make it. Thank you for the feedback, not sure how -47 got in the lives (Thank you so much), I will look at the code. I grew up with a sega, so I wanted it to have a fun look to it, something that a non gamer would play.

Thank you again for playing means a lot to me! She loves it!

Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2020
3:48 AM EDT
  • Unity
  • LibreSprite