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11:59 PM

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You are the last employee in a bar in a nondescript location and you have to man the store by yourself until your shift ends. The problem is time seems to be at a standstill in the last minute of your shift. Customers who have already come and gone keep coming back for more while seemingly not remembering anything that happened previously. How long can you survive in the brutal cycle of alcohol and late night depression?

Fight off customers as they storm your bar over and over in a seemingly endless cycle, certain patrons need different drinks so be sure to pay attention to the drink they requesting. Customers will get frustrated with you if you hand them the wrong thing or if you wait to long so be sure to keep an eye on both of those things. The game runs on a three strike system, perhaps a pickle loving crustacean could help you with that?


-Left mouse button to interact

-Grab a glass on the right and fill it with the drink the customer asks for

-If you are too slow or serve the wrong drink too many times, it's game over


Mardood: Lead artist and voice of the bartender and many of the customers

Andy: Co-Programmer, assistant artist, and voice line man

Crispy Bacon: Co-Programmer and creator of Dr.Bob

Prangus: Music man and creator of the game over and splash screen

Puff: Artist behind the menu and sprite fan

Gio: The not so busy playtester

Made for Ludum Dare 47: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/47/1159-pm

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Game would be better if it wasn't so broken and complicated to full fill the orders.

was browsing mushroomman tag and I love it and

you just click on the guys and dont even need to fulfill the order

GungingaGuys responds:

That is true before it becomes 11:59:59. Try playing the game for longer than less than a minute next time.