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Author Comments

Build villages to combine into towns, to combine into cities, to combine into a country. Each project will be a little bit easier, based on your performance in the last project.

The game is balanced to require interaction, but idling for a bit makes it easier on you.

Have fun!

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I can’t recruit more pioneers

kygron responds:

Look at thePalindrome comment and response below. Thanks for trying my games!

Rather grindy, not super clear when you're expected to prestige with various layers, and softlocked myself at the second village because you can't recruit pioneers unless you have food income, and I ended up posting all my pops to food and stone, leaving none available to farm. Can't make a new village either due to the preview values being based on the last project, so ultimately can't *really* recommend it, but certainly nice to see your incremental style, guess I'll wait for the next one :P

kygron responds:

Well, that's a design bug, sorry. I may not get around to it for a while since this game wasn't my best work and I've switched to updating my game engine for a while.

If it's _only_ your second village you may want to reset and try again. The bug is easy to get around and you seem to like the game (thanks for the rating!) It takes around 30 villages to reach the ending (easier each time), and the towns and cities have different mechanics.

Thanks for playing!

This is annoying when you reset, or dont have enough resources when the actions are hidden.

Great for your purpose, I love to have a new little idle game to play every so often and these have really scratched that itch! A little bit of direction as to what you need to purchase to unlock new things would be nice, but definitely fun.

This has a nice and simple format and easy-to-understand goals. It's not as flowery with the story as PATAP but I found it a good time-killer. It has relatively less things to manage than some earlier games like the circus one, so I felt a lot more at ease playing.

kygron responds:

Thanks for the explanation! It's been hard for me to foreshadow later game play without exposing too much complexity too early.

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2020
4:06 PM EDT